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Endless Fight's Contact Details - VirusZero - 04-14-2010 07:13 PM

Do you need help with something in regards to Endless Fight? (For example: Your email validation hasn't come through? Can't access the forum? )

Then let us know, there are several ways you can contact us:
- Via our Discord server (specifically VirusZero#3491)

- Via our gmail address: endlessfightforum (at gmail dot com)

- On DeviantArt

When you contact us with another service, please include:
- Your username on EndlessFight.
- What issue you're having.

Without those pieces of information, we have no idea who we're helping or what the issue we're trying to fix is. (Especially in cases where we need a username so we can manually validate accounts. )

Also please understand that some of these accounts (ex- Deviant-art) may not be accessed every day so you may have to wait several days if you opt to contact via them.