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The Faq - VirusZero - 01-22-2010 01:11 PM

Here is a list of commonly asked questions... If you have a question that you want/need answered but isn't on the list you can private message or email me and I'll address it for you. (Though please don't abuse this and send joke questions or questions that have nothing to do with the site.)

About the rules
- What is necroposting?
- I have a sibling that wants to join the site, can they?
- I can't access <section> of the site anymore, what happened?
- I joined here a while ago, but never posted and I just got back and my account is gone, what happened?
- Why must I be 13 (or older) to register here?
- What is a troll?
- Where can I advertise?
- What is excessive swearing?

About the site
- Why the name?
- Who runs it?
- What kinda of site is it?
- What are the different usergroups?
- I just joined the forum, but I can't access <section> why not?
- Why did you choose this host?
- Who does the skinning? (And can I use a skin?)
- I have an idea for a skin, can I make it?

The basics of being on a forum
- How do I post?
- How do I register?
- How do I change my avatar or signature?
- How do I use the UBBC codes?
- How do I Personal Message someone?
- I'm tired of <Username> sending me messages, what can I do?
- How do I work the skin changer?
- How do I appear invisible/offline?
- What is the report button? What does it do?
- What does <term> mean?
- Help! I have a problem and need assistance.
- I have a question, where can I ask it?
- How do I change my username?

About the Reputation system
- What is the reputation system?
- How does the reputation system work?
- How do I rate Anonymously?
- How do I view my detailed ratings?
- I don't want to be a part of this rating system, can I opt out?