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RE: About the Rules - VirusZero - 01-25-2010 10:35 PM

What is Necroposting? (And do I have to worry about it?)

Necroposting is the act of posting in a topic which hasn't been posted in for quite some time and is thusly called dead. (The exact length of time varies from forum to forum, but in general it seems to be about a month for many places.)

Now on this forum we have no rule against it... But it should be understood that if the topic was from a year ago, and you're directly replying to a person's comment (and asking for a reply from them.) You may not get one if the person isn't an active member of the community anymore.

- VirusZero - 01-25-2010 10:45 PM

I have a sibling that wants to join the site as well, can they?

If your sibling really wants to join that's fine, we won't stop them. But you both have to understand that if either sibling gets out of line (to the point of requiring a ban.) Both are likely end up banned. (We apologise for this, but we have to ensure that the forum is kept safe and secure for the other members of the forum.)

The reasoning for this is because, in my experience, sites/staff have been burned too many times by members who get banned then return claiming they are the sibling of the banned member. (It usually ends up being that the so called sibling is just the same member again trying to evade a ban. And then furthermore that said returning member hasn't learned their lesson on why they were banned in the first place.)

Though we ask that if your sibling does join... Ensure that you keep your passwords secret from each other and that you log out at the end of every visit.

RE: About the Rules - VirusZero - 01-25-2010 11:03 PM

Eep, I can't access a section of the forum anymore, what happened and what can I do?

The short answer is that you were put into a usergroup that no longer has access to it. (See this post for explanation of member groups...) Now the exact reason is likely because you broke the rules and your no long being able to access that section is a punishment.

Here's what not to do:
  • Continually ask for it to be undone. (Or repeatedly ask when it will be undone. All this does is irk us and make us consider extending it because it just shows us that you haven't learned and aren't getting the message.)
  • Continually ask why it was done. (We've either already told you, or it's outlined in the rules... which we expect you to know because you have to agree to them to be a member here.)
  • Continually gripe about it. (We don't like it, the other members don't like it and it generally doesn't win you any sympathy.)
  • Try to rally other members to campaign for you. (It just annoys the staff and the members, as well it could get the members in trouble too.)
  • Try and kiss the staff's backside. (A.K.A. sucking up to the staff. We can tell why you're doing it and it only reinforces the fact to us that you haven't learned anything. )

As for what you can do... The best thing for you to do is to simply learn from your mistake and don't repeat it. (You may have to read/re-read the rules to figure out just what your mistake was... Or you may just have to check your PM/email inbox as you may have been contacted about it previously.) Then you demonstrate that you've learned your lesson and we'll consider restoring you to the regular member group. (Note the use of the word consider... This doesn't mean we necessarily will restore you, it just means we will re-evaluate the situation after a period of time of no less than 2 weeks.)

- VirusZero - 01-25-2010 11:45 PM

I joined here a while ago, but never posted and I just got back and my account is gone, what happened?

What happened is that your account was likely deleted due to inactivity. The way it works is that every member who joins starts off as a Validating member until their account is validated. If they don't validate their account by 30 days from the date of registration then we may elect to the delete the account. Once they are validated they get put into the "New Recruit" user group. From here they have 90 day to make their first post (which then puts them into the members group) otherwise we may delete the account. (This is NOT to say that we are definitely going to delete your account, but rather that we reserve the right to.) We do this for several reasons, these being:
- To keep the forum's member database clean.
- To clear out members who aren't active.
- To keep the member counts as accurate as possible.

We feel that if a member hasn't even validated their account by the 30 day mark that they don't really want to be a member here at that time. As well we feel that if they haven't made one post in 90 days, then the likelihood of them posting after that is next to nothing. However, in the off chance that your account has been deleted in such a fashion, and you wish to be a member... Feel free to make another one as it does NOT count as a duplicate.
Though we ask that if you do make an account again, please stay active this time.

RE: About the Rules - VirusZero - 01-26-2010 06:50 PM

Why must I be 13 (or older) to register here?

Because our server is hosted in the USA we require all people wishing to be members to be at least 13 due to the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

As a result all members found to be underage will have their accounts locked on the spot. Once they turn 13 we will be glad to welcome them back to the forums.

- VirusZero - 02-16-2010 05:44 PM

What is a troll?

At the worst, a troll is someone who joins a forum using false information and methods to hide their identity. Then proceeds to harass and bother the members. They might purposefully try to start arguments, insult members and/or their beliefs, post Terms of Service violating materials, and basically ignore the forum rules in general for the sole purpose of causing issues. (They may find this behaviour fun or for revenge for some perceived wrong or slight done to them.)
When banned they may quickly return and begin to harass the members again. Turning off registrations and/or setting them to admin activation only deters this troll for only a little while. And as soon as you restore the board so people can rejoin, they return and harass the members again.

Another, somewhat less annoying (though can be even more destructive) troll, is someone who just makes a nuisance of themselves. They may nitpick at staff's every action and/or feuding with the members for the most pointless reasons. They may exhibit excessive attitude towards others. Such as thinking they are the best at everything. As well they often have an overinflated sense of self worth. Sometimes they may even feel justified in acting the way they do. (Either because of how they were treated in the past or because they have a different opinion from others and so they feel that entitles them to act out.) They may become enraged or at least annoyed if you express a remotely different opinion from theirs. But they toe the line of the acceptable rules very closely, so they know when to back off so they don't draw the fire of staff. (Which can mean in some cases staff have a harder time dealing with them.) These trolls typically don't use techniques to hide their identities, instead they rely on not crossing the rules too much or too far.

RE: About the Rules - VirusZero - 02-18-2010 02:11 PM

Where can I advertise?

You may only advertise in your signature.

Why can't I advertise outside my signature?

You can't advertise outside of your signature because, in my years running forums, most people simply do not listen when it comes to rules about advertising. (Those who either couldn't follow rules or didn't want to ruined it for everyone else.)

So to curb any problems that may arise it's just not allowed.

- VirusZero - 04-08-2010 04:23 PM

What is excessive swearing?

The definition of Excessive is:
Quote:going beyond the usual, necessary, or proper limit or degree; characterized by excess: excessive charges; excessive criticism.


As for what the justifiable limit is... This is up to the discretion of the staff. Though suffice it to say caps lock and dropping the "F-bomb" 4 plus times in a row isn't going to be acceptable.
As a rule of thumb to keep things on the tolerable side, try to avoid more than a few swear words per paragraph.