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What is a troll?

At the worst, a troll is someone who joins a forum using false information and methods to hide their identity. Then proceeds to harass and bother the members. They might purposefully try to start arguments, insult members and/or their beliefs, post Terms of Service violating materials, and basically ignore the forum rules in general for the sole purpose of causing issues. (They may find this behaviour fun or for revenge for some perceived wrong or slight done to them.)
When banned they may quickly return and begin to harass the members again. Turning off registrations and/or setting them to admin activation only deters this troll for only a little while. And as soon as you restore the board so people can rejoin, they return and harass the members again.

Another, somewhat less annoying (though can be even more destructive) troll, is someone who just makes a nuisance of themselves. They may nitpick at staff's every action and/or feuding with the members for the most pointless reasons. They may exhibit excessive attitude towards others. Such as thinking they are the best at everything. As well they often have an overinflated sense of self worth. Sometimes they may even feel justified in acting the way they do. (Either because of how they were treated in the past or because they have a different opinion from others and so they feel that entitles them to act out.) They may become enraged or at least annoyed if you express a remotely different opinion from theirs. But they toe the line of the acceptable rules very closely, so they know when to back off so they don't draw the fire of staff. (Which can mean in some cases staff have a harder time dealing with them.) These trolls typically don't use techniques to hide their identities, instead they rely on not crossing the rules too much or too far.
02-16-2010 05:44 PM
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