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The Rules
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The Rules
We, the staff, of Endless Fight strive to provide a location where people can come together to talk and enjoy themselves in a safe and comfortable environment. To ensure the environment is as safe and comfortable as possible, we require that all members/visitors to the site (or chatbox or any resource bearing the Endless Fight name) follow these, fairly simply and easy to follow, rules.


Our rating is PG-13. This means:
  • No excessive swearing.
    We don't mind if users curse a bit. But if one uses curse words more often than punctuation then we have a problem.
  • No explicit sexual content.
    This means no written/picture/video/sound recordings depicting sex, sex acts, genitalia, etc...
  • Violence is limited.
    This means you can talk about things like blood, fights, death and other tragic consequences. But no vivid dissections (like torture scenes or surgeries) of people/animals.
  • Drug use is limited.
    Hard drugs like cocaine or heroine can't be given instruction on where to get or how to use them. But you can mention effects of them.

However, there are some forums designated as Mature which will only be given access to those who are 18 (or over). In these sections content is permitted to exceed PG-13.

General Conduct

- You must be at least 13 to register an account here.
However, access to any mature sections will only be granted to those who are 18 (or over).

- No insulting other members or staff.
No one likes to get insulted and it doesn't make for a very welcoming or comfortable forum.

- No trolling.
Trolling is the deliberate act of posting messages to disrupt the community.
To help curb the effects of any troll incidents, we ask that no one respond to people trying to troll. For a more indepth look at trolling, please read this.

- No spamming.
That means no messages that are short, pointless or annoying. Like copy and pasting the same message over and over. Or posting messages that have nothing to do with the discussion at hand. EX- a discussion about a video game and someone pops in with: "I like cheese."

- No advertising.
The only place you are allowed to advertise is in your signature and the website field of the profile.

You may Not advertise by: PM, creating topics, or emailing members or anything else.

Please note that using a sitename for your username is classed as advertising and is not permitted.

- No duplicate accounts.
There is no need for more than one account.

If you've forgotten your password, don't create a second account. Instead, use the recover password option on the log in page. If that doesn't work, see our Contact Details page to get in touch with us so we can reset your password for you (remember to include your forum username).

- No cloaked links.
There is no need to shorten, obscure or hide a link. (Unless it's to a malicious or otherwise rule breaking site.)

- No leet speak, Instant Messaging or chat speak.
Leet speek and/or Instant Messaging/Chat (when used solely as the entire post) can be difficult to read or plain out confusing to some people. They may be used for roleplay, specifically In Character posts, when it is a character using them.

Interactions with Staff

- Don't ask to be staff.
While we commend you for wanting to help the site, we only hire people we feel would be best for the job, not those who ask.

- Don't involve yourself in another member's punishment or interactions/altercations with staff.
If the event doesn't involve you directly then don't get involved in it. We recognize that member may be your friend, but campaigning for them (even if they ask you to) doesn't help their cause at all. If they feel they were wronged, they should take it up with us in a polite and respectful manner.

- If you feel you have been wronged by staff, please air your grievances with us in a polite and calm Personal Message or Email.

- Any situation that arises (and is not covered by one of the above rules) is at the discretion of the staff.
There is not way to make rules against everything that could possibly ever happen. It'd end up taking way too long to write, let alone for anyone to read. Plus there would be no way we could ever know in advance some situations that could potentially arise.

- These rules are subject to change with or without notice.

- Finally, ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for breaking them.
By creating an account, you signify that you have read these rules and you agree to follow them.

Last Update: Jan 2nd 2019. (Updated rules to reflect less focus on roleplay, shortened several rules.)
01-21-2010 09:51 PM
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RE: The Rules
These rules only apply to the roleplaying section of the forum...

Roleplaying Rules

1- Roleplays must fall within the forum rules. (See above.)

2- Roleplay creators can make as many threads as they need for their game.
Though we do ask that creators not get too carried away and spawn 32 topics simply because they can.

3- Characters do not represent the user's attitudes/thoughts/opinions.
A good writer may be able to play multiple different roles well even if they don't agree with the role at all.
However, if you feel that a member continually follows you (from roleplay to roleplay or extensively in one roleplay) to put you down or uses a character to harass you... then contact a staff member ASAP and let us know what is going on so we can help resolve the issue.

4- Players can have as many characters as the roleplay creator deems acceptable.

5- No Godmodding (making your character perfect), Powerplaying (controlling other player's characters) and/or Metagaming (using out of character knowledge when in character).

6- Players should allow 72 hours (a.k.a. 3 days) after posting a completed application and alerting the game's creator/master/staff before asking or demanding the application be reviewed.

Updated: April 9th 2017 (clarified 72 hour app waiting period rule)
03-21-2012 12:18 AM
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