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Old bios
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RE: Old bios
Sorrum III


Character Image: <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a>
Name: Andraia {MIA}
Nicknames: none
Species: reploid
Gender: female
Height: 5'6" (without boots on) 5'8" (with boots on)
Weight: A girl never gives her weight away... even if she is a reploid.

Physical Appearance
Skin Color: very light, pale white.
Eye Color: red
Hair Style: silver hair extending halfway down her back.
Armor description: Wears a white and grey body suit with a blue chestplate with red gloves and a red thong has a brown saber holster on each hip, with a saber in it, blue boots with a red stripe and has 2 holes in the bottom of her boots (under heel and toe).
Armor colors: Red, white/grey, blue
Items: 2 sabers
DOB: unknown day/month of current year
Birth Place: Neo Arcadia
Residence: city streets
Occupation: gang killer

Reason for joining the resistance: to get help in defeating Neo-Arcadia's assassins.

Basic Stats
Agility - 8
Strength – 6
Defense – 8
Dexterity – 7
Constitution - 8
Skill limit- 6
Skill level – 6

Special Attacks: the number you are allowed to have is determined by the skill limit, their strength is determined by skill level
1- Absorption wave - absorbs ambient energy from the surrounding area, then focuses it into a coherent beam, the more time used to gather energy the stronger the blast will be. This beam effect changes according to the environment, colder environments will allow a chilling effect while hot environments add a heat based effect. If so choosing, Andraia can absorb the inverse, supercooling an already cold area to fire a concentrated heat beam at risk of damaging her body.

2- Overdrive - By using more energy (either absorbed beforehand or from her own internal supply) she can increase speed and strength by 1 point for every 3 skill level points.

3- Reaction blaster - fires a beam that breaks down objects on a molecular level, the more complex the object the more energy required to fully break it down. Generally even a weak beam is enough to leave victims shaken. (stronger blasts remove armor, savage internals and if given the chance kill.)

4- Super capacitor- Upgrades Andraia’s energy gathering ability… Allows Andraia to absorb twice as much energy in the same time, from the same amount of air. This in effect allows Andraia to use her abilities either 2 at a time or one even more powerfully.

5-Pulse Bullet - Fires stored energy in small quantities like a machine gun or automatic pistol from the palms, knuckles or back of the arms. Uses relatively little energy per shot and can fire at a rapid rate... (with sufficient energy) but conversely does less damage than other abilities.
When charged it changes the effect of the shot...
When suffient energy is put into it, it fires bullets like a shotgun
blast (several bullets spread out.)
Or when fully charged it focuses energy into a single super condensed shot. Then using some power it enhances Andraia's targeting system. This fully charged shot does more damage than absorption wave, but takes longer to charge and has only one shot before having to charge another one up as well that it's still not as strong as the reaction blaster. However it is far more accurate, especially at a distance than any other move. And a single shot uses less energy overall than a sustained beam would especially going into the longer distances.

6- Ultra capacitor - Andraia's 3rd super capacitor becomes active and as a result, her body automatically absorbs energy slowly all the time until her energy tank is full. This gets disabled when her energy tank is full, when she manually engages the energy absorbtion protocol or if she manually overrides this move. In addition she may now use 3 abilities all at once (At normal strength) or use one ability even more powerfully. (Twice as powerful as Super capacitor or four times as powerful as regular.)

Main Weapon: Saber
Other weapon: occasionally uses a buster
Hobbies & Talents: can fly by drawing energy from around her
Weaknesses: Relies on drawing energy for her moves from the surrounding area, if there is already a draw on the area her moves will be much weaker.

Friends: none
Rivals: none
Enemies: none
Known relatives: none
Likes/Favorite activities: ride her landchaser, loves chases and going fast
Dislikes/Least favorite activities: sleep
Gourmet of choice: chocolate and chicken alfredo
Beverages of choice: soft drinks, beer and occasional glass of wine
Favorite color(s): green
Vehicles: one hyperion class X-293 landchaser with modified booster units
Personality: Overtly she is Course and doesn't get along very easily with others, she also seems to have trust issues. Underneath it all is a fear of being hurt which she masks with her bravado. Despite this she is a brave and courageous person in battle.

Back Story: Alive for only a few hours, Andraia was thrust onto the streets where she was picked up by a gang to use for prostitution. In their err, they negelected to constrain Andraia very well, believing her not to be a threat. Upon reaching the boss of the gang, she powered up, broke her restraints and proceeded to murder everyone in the building. After having calmed down some over what had transpired, she pilaged the building for valuables, pocketing all the money and finding in the garage the leader's treasured landchaser. (The hyperion class x-293 landchaser.) Setting off from those dismal settings, Andraia wandered the streets for a while, figuring out who she was and what she wanted, in the mean time destroying the gangs and villians who would try to use her. She amassed a small fortune of stolen gang funds, thus bringing her to the attention of the Neo-Arcadian government as one of their targets. Their first attempt at assassination resulted in the assassin being destroyed, Andraia being more than a match for the rookie assassin. Since then Neo-Arcadia wised up, and have been sending more powerful assassins, on their latest attack, a resistance member happened upon her plight and helped her out, thus persuading her to join the resistance in the chance that she can stop them from sending assassins with the chance she can find out about her past in the process.

Gained moves/abilities:
Pierce Lazer: if you have a buster or a gun weapon, this lazer is a more concentrated buster shot and will pierce all but the strongest armor. The drawback is the character's recovery, the energy required to fire this shot will leave the player vulnerable for a few seconds after firing it.

Sand Meld - Transforms the fighter's body into sand, weapon energy holds enough power to enable the fighter to remain in sand form for approximately 2 minutes before reverting back. The user can, of course revert back before the weapon energy is used up and use the power in multiple instances.

Cyber elf(s): Cortina (restores power level)
Lumox - Hacker - Generates a gravity field which slows down opponents.
Sparking!! - Animal (eel) - emits a frequent intermittent electric charge from the user. Occurs at a steady rate and so lasts half the time the first sparking does. This charge can be used to nullify electric attacks (if timed right), used as a defensive move against grapples and cqc, or concentrated into an electric punch.

Energy Crystals: 3900

Weapon level:
Buster Level - E
Saber Level - D


Name: Dasher
Nicknames: Dash, Bandit.
Species: Reploid
Gender: female
Height: 5,2
Weight: 8 stone
Physical Appearance:Female reploid with long brown hair and brown eyes to match. Wears a black wide brimmed leather hat and a make-shift thin material cloak to keep the sand and heat off. The typical cowboy bandit look. She wears a red visor which doubles as sun glasses and a small scanning device to help scout around the vast, rugged desert. It is see through and red in colour. Her eyes look red through it when she wears it.
Skin Color: Slightly tanned.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Style: Straight hair Worn down with no helmet. Past shoulder length.
Armor description: Her armor consists of very basic peices which have been modified with peices cut off so she can maintain speed and easily loose heat. Her abdomen, arms and legs are left with a black undersuit. Some of the armor has sun damaged patches.
Armor colors: Deep red.
Items: Swiss army knife.
DOB: September 15th 21XX
Birth Place: Neo Arcadia
Residence: Desert regions
Occupation: Bandit

Reason for joining the resistance: She was in action for the millitary for a couple of years before she had to escape to the desert where she joined a small newly establishing resistance pocket that would provide assistance and back up for like minded groups who were in the area. They were givien the nick-name 'bandits'. The smaller resistance pocket, ended up joining the much larger resistance group and giving assistance wherever possible.

Agility - 10
Strength – 7
Defense – 4
Dexterity – 3
Constitution - 3
Skill limit- 1
Skill level – 2

Special Attacks:
Arrow dash: Sprints at the foe and tackles them at high speed.

Main Weapon: Twin daggers
Other weapons if any: Pulse rifle
Hobbies & Talents: Quite the gymnast if she needs to be. Her speed dependance has developed her ability to adapt to and efficiently move around new environments.
Weaknesses: Not so great with long term close combat due to her low defence and consitution. She has to rely on stealth and speed alone.

Personal facts-
Friends: Aquaintances from the bandit resistance group.
Rivals: None as of yet
Enemies: Anything that wants to kill her.
Known relatives: n/a
Likes/Favorite activities: Travelling, seeing new places and people.
Dislikes/Least favorite activities: Doesn't like disorder very much.
Favorite color(s): Red, purple.
Vehicles: n/a
Personality: Quiet, but will speak up if there is something important to say. She's slightly underconfident after being set free directly from a harshly disciplined millitary back ground. She's still getting used to her new found freedom.
Back Story: Dasher was designed to be a scouting reploid, not built for combat, more built for getting what you need then getting the heck out of there before they notice or catch you. She was in action for a couple of years before she had to escape to the desert where she joined a small newly establishing resistance pocket that would provide assistance and back up for like minded groups who were in the area. They were givien the nick-name 'bandits'. Dasher made her gain out of this, escorting groups through the area in exchange for a small optional but hinted fee of money or small favours. No one seemed to mind, she was good at her job and after a short while knew the most of the desert sectors well. The resistance soon united with the larger groups and moved out from the dessert to help where they were needed.

Energy crystals: 800
Weapon level:
Daggers - E
Rifle -


Name: Flash
Species: reploid
Gender: male
Height: 5-8
Weight: 200 pounds
Skin Color: tan
Hair Style: Long white, shiny white, extends under the helmet and over
Other features: Scar over left eye and pad lock on right arm for special purposes, PDA system on right forearm
Items: Hover Board
Occupation: former Maverick Hunter, Resistance soldier

Agility - 2
Strength - 4
Defense – 6
Dexterity –5
Constitution - 1
Skill limit- 2
Skill level – 2

Special Attacks: Duplication - Creates 2 clones of himself which are relitively weak and will disappear in time or if they take damage.

Main Weapon: Internal Chain Rod
Other weapons if any:
Hobbies & Talents: Very fast speed, number one Reploid in surprising people, being an a$$
Weaknesses: Ice attacks

Enemies: Too Many To Count
Dislikes/Least favorite activities:talking to new people, putting up with people with alot of ignorance (goddmodding! for sure), waiting for a fight
Favorite color(s): White, Gold, Black
Vehicles: Hover Board
Personality:Flash keeps to himself, and he hates it when people hurt the innocent people or the injured which will cause him to become very rude and jump in to stop it.....he umm doesn't like dealing with new people who are rude (not new people in general as long as I can work with them), he also hates having to wait to fight, he likes to get things done quickly and as efficient as possible
Back Story: Flash's family, community, and basically entire civilization was destroyed by the mavericks, he did not know and joins the mavericks for a short while, after wards he met up with a Young guy named Jet who introduced him to the hunter HQ, making him an official hunter, as things went on he went on missions and ultimately Fought along side the hunters to defeat maverick Zero and X. recognizing That Neo arcadia is slowly going corrupt, he joins the resistance.

Gained moves/abilities:
{Spike Shot} Fires a spiked projectile from one's buster or gun. If the projectile hits a person it will cause minor piercing damage, depending on how thick their armor is, and an electrical shock. If the spike misses a person and hits a wall or the floor a mild electrical shock will pass through it (providing the ground isn't sand or something electricity won't travel through.) The drawback if you miss is that the electricity will damage everyone, friend or foe.
Energy Crystals: 2430


Character Image: <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'>[Image: vileivuc5.gif]</a> <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'>[Image: vilemkiiadventzx7.gif]</a>
Name: TK-32
Nicknames: Raikari
Species: Reploid

Height: 6.5
Weight: 165
Physical Appearance: coat like elpizo, but yellow, your basic Zero, harp, fefnir type body desine, no hemmet but long blond hair.
Skin Color: Normal
Eye Color:Light blue
Hair Style: just down to my middle back
Armor description: liek Zero, harp, phantom, fefnir, you know
Armor colors:Light blue and black

Reason for joining the resistance:I belive in there solution of the energy crisis

Agility - 9
Strength – 7
Defense – 8
Dexterity – 8
Constitution - 6
Skill limit- 6
Skill level – 4

Special Attacks:
1.Elec spread, it just spreads through the ground in an elec pluse
2.Thunderball, charges a ball of electricity in his hands and hurls it
3.Electric Vent forces an electric current throughout the body, edmiting sparks. A defenceive move if surrounded.
4.Rai is able to magnatise his body parts, thus making him able to walk up metal walls and hang on ceilings
5. Thunder javelin - Shoots a thin beam of electricity from Rai's fingers. The beam spreads out when hit, causing a stun effect.
6. Elec shields - Useing his forearms, Rai is able to make a solid platform of electricty.

Main Weapon: my hands in which are like shining finger from G-gundam
Other weapons if any: chain rod
Items: Thunder Chip, Fire Chip
Hobbies & Talents: blowing up batteries
Weaknesses: Ice

Known relatives: elipzo (brother)
Rivals: Zera

Favorite color(s): blue
Vehicles: jet skates
Personality:carefree, ego of himself
Back Story: Elpizo's brother, was banished with him, found the resistance sooner

Gained moves/abilities:
Ground Control - The user gains limited control of the sand on the ground (providing there is sand on the ground) and can form it into shields or other helpful shapes.

Cyber elf(s):
With me you won't fear long falls!

Energy Crystals: 3490

Weapon level:
Chain Rods - D


Name: Raven
Nicknames: He likes being codenamed during missions, "Black Bird"
Species: Reploid
Gender: Male

Height: 5 feet 2
Weight: 72kg
Physical Appearance
Skin Color: Normal
Eye Color: Black
Hair Style: Obviously messy, but coming from the same blueprints as Zanji, no helmet
Other features: He has a scar from a battle with Zanji
Armor description: He's got a medium amount of armor, and natural armor under that, it seems thin, but is pretty sturdy for such a thickness. Other than the armor, he wears a sort of leather jacket.
Armor colors: All different shades of dark gray and black
Birth Place: Neo Arcadia
Residence: Resistance base
Occupation: Missionary specialist

Reason for joining the resistance: Zanji didn't escape alone, but he arrived to the resistance later.

Basic Stats
Agility - 8
Strength – 5
Defense – 4
Dexterity – 9
Constitution - 6
Skill limit- 3
Skill level – 4

Special Attacks:
Feather Spray- Only usable with Wing ,Like a shotgun, he shoots feathers out of one of his busters, the feathers are all explosive, and have a small, 10cm diameter of explosion. Feathers vary from 10-20 per shot.

Pierce Beak- Is only usable with Beak, he shoots a piercing, sniper sort of shot, it's long range but it depends on the user's skill on how accurate it truly is. The shot is silent.

Dualis Barrel- He primes his gun to be able to shoot a Skill shot (Feather Barrage for example) twice in a row with needing to wait for the next chance to use it. Meaning after using a Skill shot once, without any delay. However if he did this, the gun that he fired from would instantly overheat and would need some time to recharge.

Main Weapon-
Beak- Slow shooting rate, high attack, medium accuracy

Sub Weapon-
Wing- Rapid fire, low attack, low accuracy

Back story: Created in Arcadia, and into Phantom's Crow Unit, one of four units. Raven was known as one of the most outstanding of the unit, but was not promoted, for his behavior. Eventually, he was told to be scrapped, his battle data removed, and his memories of his time as an Arcadian now gone. Escaping being scrapped with Zanji, and a dozen others. Raven and Zanji are the only confirmed survivors of this. Now he fights alongside the resistance and former team mate, Zanji.

Gained moves

Cyber elfs

Energy Crystals - 1300

Weapon Level
Busters - E


Character Image:[Image: Riokucards.png]
Name: Rioku nikkon Zanketa
Nicknames: Heatz
Species: Reploid
Gender: male

Height: 5'9
Weight: 139 lbs
Physical Appearance
Skin Color: caucasian, slight tan
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Hair Style: gelled firey-red slick backed hair with a bang or two arching from the center-front of his hair. Has two pony tails that originate from the same spot wich is the center of the backmost of his head. Due to hair gel, they arch up and away from each other.(Similar to Megaman EXE, only longer, and has a curve other than going straight out.)
Armor description: Has an unusual type of armor. Wears heavy denim outfit reinforced with silk steel to provide clothes-like mobility. About as strong as any other armor, just appears casual and harmless. The armor appears to be baggy black jeans that fade to red half way down. Also has a baggy hoodie that is all red except for the left sleeve which fades to black.
Armor colors:Red and Black
-A chainless pendant featuring long-haired black male, a long-haired caucasion brunett reploid, and a blonde-haired female reploid. It is all silver with traces of gold.
DOB: Unknown
Birth Place: Unknown
Residence: Resistance Base
Occupation: Resistance Soldier

Reason for joining the resistance: Rioku's memory had been mysteriously wiped only a few weeks after he had been created. He was programed to regain the memory months after what had happened, but due to engagement with Neo Arcadian troops, the special circutry required for such an action had been damaged. because of it, the memory now takes much longer to come back. So far, Rioku only remembers a heavily damaged female reploid telling him that he must survive and fight Neo Arcadia. Henceforth, Rioku joined the resistance, as it seemed to have been making much progress.

Basic Stats
Agility - 6
Strength – 6
Defense – 7
Dexterity - 6
Constitution - 7
Skill limit- 5
Skill level – 7

Special Attacks:
Sonic Fire storm- By slamming his fists into the ground, Rioku causes a small earthquake while large fireballs materialize and rain from the sky. The fireballs can cause him slight pain.

Omni-blade-The old sword Rioku has randomly obtains a royal-blue aura that makes it far more powerful.

Blaze Buster: Upon reaching his peak anger point, Rioku summons a powerful fire buster. The shot is fire-oriented, but its power comes from the velocity at which is fired. The higher the skill point, the better Rioku can summon it on command. The shot produced by this cannon is roughly the size of a level two blast.

Star Breaker: A chargeable attack. The higher the agility, the more powerful while the higher the strength, the less time needed to charge up. Also, the higher the constitution the longer he can keep this attack going. Rioku leaps into the air, his arms and legs spread out. heat and pressure accumilates around him more and more until ready to initialize the attack. Upon initialization, Rioku flies forth surounded in flames with a punch intended to rush into the opponent. The speed of the attack never changes, only depending on how much time was used to charge the attack but can go as long as he want, being able to turn around and keep going. The power of this attack is not derived from the element, but the force of the attack. Meaning although this is a fire attack, its point is to demolish, not burn.

Main Weapon: L.M.G- Laser Machine gun.
Other weapons: Decriped Sword- a mysterious old katana with a partly destroyed wooden handle and a tainted cracked dirty blade. The blade is made out of the same light, yet extremely durable metal as the ancient metool. The oak handle has many pieces missing from it from over use that are replaced by a black rag cloth. Although the blade has many nicks and cracks, it is too far from breaking. Its sheath is in just as bad of a condition as the sword which is carried on Rioku's waist.

Hobbies & Talents: Talented at attracting the opposite sex, making fun of others(although he never procedes to do so unless threatened) and is the master of positivity. breakdancing is also a powerful skill for him. Despite being childish, Rioku never turns to hesitation, and does things quick and right when his mind is made up. Also his stubbornness.
Weaknesses: Very indecisive, naieve, stubborn and immature.

Personal facts-
Friends: Various other resistance members.
Rivals: Jet
Enemies: Fefnir, neo Arcadia.
Known relatives: None at the moment.
Likes/Favorite activities: working out(Although it does nothing for him since he's a reploid), having loads of leisure time to himself, staring int he mirror both at himself and secretly at others just for fun.
Dislikes/Least favorite activities: sitting in seminars, those who show of their intelligence, being tickled.
Gourmet of choice: nachos with spicy cheese
Beverages of choice: suicide(Mixtures of diffrent sodas)
Favorite color(s): Red
Vehicles: Rioku had once found an extremely old-fashioned(our modern, lol) jeep. Using a combination of common sence, intelligence, and pure luck, Rioku managed to fix up the jeep. It is painted all black with fire designs by him, and also has a machine gun on top. The machine gun has a few rounds in it, but Rioku never procedes to use it, as he'd be too busy driving. The jeep had been modified to become thermal and solar-powered.
Personality: Outgoing, almost to the point that it can sicken some. His charm, however, can capture the hearts of almost anyone. Even someone who is sick of him would give him creadit for his up-beat sunshine attitude. This attitude is acctually a defwnse mechanism for what he has been through. Rioku often comes to personally hate the enemy side, which also brings about a strong sense of justice given the situation of the,....situation.
Back Story: One day, Rioku simply instantly woke up to the view of a destroyed city and a old katana in hand. He woke up in a huge pit, and looked around to see dead roids and bodies. After a bit of investigating, Rioku noticed that the city was destroyed by a huge explosion. having no memory of what had happened, Rioku simply ran away from the truth into the desert. he traveled until he stumbled onto Neo Arcadia where he was excepted. he lived in harmony there for only about a week until he was discovered to be a reploid, something suprising since his mysterious designs give absolutely no hint of him being a reploid. After narrowly escaping neo Arcadia and death, Rioku became confused about the ways of life. he continued to travel alone until one day he was attacked once again by neo Arcadian soldiers. This time, resistance soldiers had been on a mission, and saved him from death. Since then, Rioku joined and became rising member of the resistance force.

Gained moves/abilities:

Cyber elf(s):

Energy Crystals: 1810

Weapon level:
Machine Gun - D


Character Image:
[Image: batonchicklg8.png]

Name: Shirley
Nicknames: N/A
Species: Reploid
Gender: Female

Height: 5'4
Weight: 132 pounds
Physical Appearance: As in the picture!
Skin Color: As in the picture, too!
Eye Color: Khaki-brown pupils, golden irises.
Hair Style: Dark-blue, neck-length - as in picture!
Other features: Never seen without holding her faithful bladed-staff over her right shoulder. Lost a bet once which is why the top of hear head is bald. Keeps her hat on no matter what due to that.
Armor description: Pretty much the basic resistance-outfit - which is very light, yet nothing much in terms of defense.
Armor colors: Basic resistance-uniform colors. Green and dark-blue, that is.
DOB: 21st of April
Birth Place: Tenoutwo Factory
Residence: Resistance base
Occupation: Acrobat!

Reason for joining the resistance: Joined the resistance pretty much due to them saving her as she had been lined up for retirement back in Neo Arcadia.

Agility - 9
Strength – 6
Defense – 5
Dexterity – 13
Constitution - 7
Skill limit- 5
Skill level – 5

Special Attacks:
Color Flux: Capable of flashing rapid serieses of bright lights of various colors through a large len placed in the palm of her right hand. Causes temporary blindness and/or confusion to most opponents; that is, if they look at it.

Radariate: A simple scouting ability. Said palm of the right hand may also be used to emit minor waves of turbulance. The primary use of the waves is to get an overview of the structure of an indoors area by pressing her hand against a wall or a floor to quickly form an idea of what's it like on the other side. (Higher skill level would allow her to detect possible ground enemies as well!)

Piercing Flurry: Holds her staff as if a cue stick during billiards and begins an absolutely rapidly fast spree of stabbing-attacks aimed into a small radius at random, usually the torso of the enemy, on quite short range. Sort of resembles a gatling gun being fired or something, what with the seemingly uncontrolled manner of the attack and the anatomy-defying hand movement speed. Downside being that she's obviously open for any other attacks from the side, while also risking the possibility of causing strain on her arms due to the quickness as performing the attacks.

Main Weapon: A staff with two short blades coming out of each end of it (alias bladed-staff!). The blades are made of energy, and can be drawn back when not being used, allowing it to be used as a regular blunt-weapon staff as well.
Other weapons if any: N/A
Items: Subtank (filled)
Hobbies & Talents: Polevaulting and acrobatics.
Weaknesses: Direct hits. Oversized opponents and/or ones with strong defenses.

Personal facts-
Friends: Despite it being a one way relationship, Shirley found a certain gentleman-mannered member of the judges (the ones who sentenced her for retirement!) extremely dashing.
Rivals: N/A
Enemies: Neo Arcadia. Walls and other large stagnant objects of various kinds.
Known relatives: N/A
Likes/Favorite activities: Tranquility and peace. Personal privacy. Open areas. Likes to describe things and situations - just about every time referring to things being "angry". Her favorite phrase would be "fear their anger".
Dislikes/Least favorite activities: Crashing into things. People who talk too much.
Beverages of choice: Blueberry juice!
Favorite color(s): White/blue
Vehicles: A set of perfectly functional feet!
Personality: Her behaviour usually depends on the people she's dealing with. Acts a bit shy and quiet around people she'd not familiar with, but if she knows someone, she's usually pretty rude and proud.

Acts a bit delusional at times, always drawing quick and simple conclusions - which are most often way off. Rather gullible as well, and is easily persuaded with a couple of utterly phony compliments. Naivety is her second name.

Has a mild case of hyperactivity, in the means that she has a problem with focusing in whatever it is that she's doing. This would be especially visible in situations whereas she's walking or running. Tends to run into things, such as walls or doors, that are perfectly visible - simply because she can't focus on looking ahead of herself. Tends to think of them as her mortal enemies.

Back Story:
Originally created as a reploid meant purely to play in a travelling circus as an acrobat. Did her job just fine for years, until the circus went down due to financial issues. Since then she pretty much tried to make a living doing odd jobs - including killing - around the more shady sections within the outskirts of Neo Arcadia. Shirley was soon enough sentenced to be retired - for reasons she never actually managed to hear of herself. While being sent to a facility whereas the retiring was to be done, the resistance broke in and freed her among some others. Has been with them ever since!

Gained moves/abilities:

Cyber elf(s):

Energy Crystals: 2860

Weapon level:
Bladed Staff - D


Name: Sorrum III
Species: human
Gender: Male

Height: 5'8
Weight: 153

Skin Color: medium tan, white.
Eye Color: green
Hair Style: short black hair
Armor description: Normal looking clothes that are reinforced with metal. Clothes consist of a jacket, shirt, pants, shoes, and gloves.
Armor colors: Green Jacket, white shirt, blue pants, white shoes, black gloves.
DOB: 12/09/20XX
Birth Place: Tulliper City
Occupation: Resistance Soldier

Agility - 4
Strength – 6
Defense – 4
Dexterity – 7
Constitution - 5
Skill limit- 4
Skill level – 2

Special Attacks:
Blade Soul: A attack that was used by his grandfather and father before him, this is Sorrum's trademark attack. It is a charged Sword attack that unleashes a crescent wave that expands as it moves forward. Slices through one object, then explodes on impact with another.

Main Weapon: Resistance Gun
Hobbies & Talents:Stealing
Weaknesses: Fire attacks

Known relatives: Sorrum I, Sorrum II
Likes/Favorite activities: Sparring
Dislikes/Least favorite activities: Training
Personality: Extremely kind, really unselfish, and comedic.

Back Story: He grew up and joined the Hunters, and stopped many mavericks. When the energy shortages began, his work became much harder, and desperatly wanted a solution. Unfortunatly, he didn't agree with the one they came up with. He was branded a maverick, and he had to evacuate. He met a resistance soldier who told him about the resistance, and he appeared on their doorstep. Ciel said he would have to fight if he was going to stay, so he's been helping the resistance to try to find a solution.


Character Image: <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a>
Name: Stark
Nicknames: Ironbutt, tinman
Species: Reploid.
Gender: Male
DOB: May 2nd 2XXX
Birth Place: Neo Arcadia
Residence: Former- Neo Arcadian base, Current- Resistance base.
Occupation: none.
Reason for joining the resistance: Saw first-hand the abuse nature of those in Neo-Arcadia’s command.

Physical Appearance-
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 165lbs
Skin Color: White, with a tan.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Style: Stark’s hair is short and fairly plain in that it extends down to his neck and is trimmed to keep it out of his eyes.
Other features: (scars, tattoos, etc)
Armor description: (is rather difficult to describe so... See the picture!)
Armor colors: Deep red and dark yellow/gold.
Integrated Thermocouple (Draws power from intense heat or ice… thought it does not negate damage)
Fire Chip

Agility - 6
Strength – 7
Defense – 6
Dexterity – 3
Constitution - 7
Skill limit- 5
Skill level – 2

Special Attacks:
1- Repulsors can also be honed for ultra precise blasts or if sufficient energy is present, a wide ranged shot.
Higher levels mean more damage, but at a slight increase of additional energy needed to use them. The repulsors may ofcourse be scaled back down before firing to preserve energy or for weaker shots.

2- Omni-beam – Gathers much power to the armored chest piece, then it is focused in the centre before it gets let loose from the chest. It uses tremendous amounts of energy and is extremely slow to charge… But the devastation it wreaks makes up for it more than several times over… Unlike other versions of this move, Stark can now move (on the ground) while he charges it. (Though he cannot fly while charging. He can still hover in one spot, though he cannot move from it. And he cannot use any other weapon while he is charging this move…)

3-Vespid missile – Fires between 1 and 5 missiles from an arm mounted missile delivery system. Uses Airborne particles to form the missiles and as such it takes some time after missile(s) is/are launched to get ready to fire another. Can build up to 5 missiles at a time and fire them one at a time or as many as needed at one time. (They fire multiple by building them in the arm, then firing one, the launcher retracts, reloads and rises to fire another… All in quick sucession.) Higher skill level means missiles take less time to build and are slightly stronger.

4. Decoy Bomber- Stark shoots 3 small orbs from the underside of his arm, near his wrist, these orbs then travel some distance away before arming themselves. Once armed, they generate a realistic image of Stark to confuse enemies. If an enemy approaches one of the decoys, the decoy then explodes to cause some damage. This move can also be used either just to display a realistic hologram to confuse enemies or as a small bomb launcher. If used as only one of the two modes of function, the result is a stronger effect. (If just hologram, then it lasts longer. If just explosive, then explosive is stronger.) Higher skill level means this move can project holograms longer, do more damage on explosion, and if skill is high enough (level 5) possibly shoot additional decoys.

5.Shoulder pack – The armor on either side of the neck slides back and a small 'box' rises from it. This ‘box’ can fire either high speed energy projectiles or can fire piercing metal rounds. (The metal is gathered from the environment and is forged inside his armor into rounds which are then loaded into the weapon. Stark only carries two dozen rounds of it at a time and once empty it does take some time to prepare more metal rounds.) Higher skill level means more power in the shots, as well as quicker piercing round prep time.

Main Weapon: Knuckles
Other weapons if any: Beam Claws
Hobbies & Talents: Can fly/hover. Getting hit by opponents fire or ice type moves gives him a temporary energy boost…
Weaknesses: Fast moving large objects…

Friends: Dr. Cresent.
Known relatives:
Likes/Favorite activities: Tweaking his armor, flying, drinking, partying.
Dislikes/Least favorite activities: administrative matters, being told what to do.
Gourmet of choice: Isn’t picky as long as it has an alcoholic beverage as a side.
Beverages of choice: Scotch, whiskey, alcohol in general… if you have it, he wants it.
Favorite color(s): Red and gold
Personality: Somewhat reckless as he prefers to get right into the heart of the action and take matters into his own hands. Stark is highly dependable and if he says he is going to do something then he does it. His loyalty is sometimes questionable though, as even though he fights for good he often will take extreme measures, using lethal force even when it isn’t necessary.

Back Story: Stark is a reploid that was thought dead, killed long ago in the elf wars. But it seems the rumors were false and Stark wasn’t dead. He’d only gone into an extended period of hibernation/recuperation. It is suspected that Neo-Arcadia found his capsule and re-awakened him to use him in the war against the resistance. It is thought they gave him several upgrades to persuade him to join them. But Stark saw first hand how they treated both the people and the reploids under their dominion. And so he decided to rebel against them to stop more innocent from being hurt. Neo-Arcadia didn’t like this and attempted to stop him from leaving, but the force they sent was insufficient to stop him. So he merely killed the force they sent, used their dead bodies to break down the nearest wall leading outside and exit the building. He leapt down to the courtyard, took out more of the base’s defenses and then proceeded to walk out of the base unhindered by anything as he either wrecked everything or the forces fled in fear. It was then several days before he managed to find the resistance and join up.

Gained moves/abilities:

Cyber elf(s):

Energy Crystals: 1420

Weapon level:


Character Image: N/A
Name: Vector
Nicknames: N/A
Species: reploid
Gender: male

Height: 6'1
Weight: 266LBS.
Skin Color: Caucasian
Eye Color: Vector always wears shades, but has grey eyes.
Hair Style: raven-black hair that has enough length to cover his neck. A small pony tail goes down about 1/5 of his back though.
Other features: N/A
Armor description: Vector was actually built as a war machine. With that being said, he doesn't need armor. His skin, although it still appears human-like, is hard and durable enough to withstand lots of damage. He can call on his real set of armor, but rarely does so.

Without his armor, Vector wears baggy black jeans with black sneakers. He then has a black leather jacket opened, revealing seriously ripped abdominals and pectorials. Like stated before, when his shoulder cannon is not in attack mode, it is resting on his back like a soldier would place an assault rifle. His sneakers are modified to his his specialty, which is transforming the bottom and heels of his feet into rocket thrusters. Serving better than the average reploid boser escape units, these can plow straight through enemies, and can give him powerful jumping abilities. On Vector's face rests a slim pair of shades with silver(no chrome) rims, giving it a bit of a futuristic look.
Armor colors:White, green, blue.
Items: Around his waist are empty dual bullet belts with a gun holster on each side. The two belts cross in the front, making it appear as an X. There are usually only a few black bullets that Vector uses on special occasions.
DOB: ?
Birth Place: ?
Residence: Anywhere Rioku is.
Occupation: Gaurdian(Not Neo Arcadian)
Reason for joining the resistance: Joining the resistance allows Vector to be closer to Rioku.

Agility - 6
Strength – 9
Defense – 7
Dexterity – 7
Constitution - 7
Skill limit- 0
Skill level – 0

Special Attacks:

Main Weapon: Vector boasts a large shoulder cannon that is specially mounted on his arm. It can rotate between resting on his arm and resting on his back. It fires explosive spash damage-inducing energy rays(Beam missile, if you will) that cause significant damage. It's too bad that its overheating problem only allows Vector to fire four shots a minute.
Other weapons if any: Two well crafted powerful handguns. Vector uses these so much that its hard to tell that these are actually the secondary weapons. They are the "reploid" version of semi-automatic beam pistols where as a normal one would consume quite a few bullets just for one reploid. If used right, these could destroy a reploid in one shot. They have been crafted to look exactly like their metal-shooting counterparts. Vector has modified them to take special bullets that can seemingly go through anything. Vector only carries about 2-4 of these special bullets a fight, however. Their armor-piercing capabilities are too powerful to be used on occasion.
Hobbies & Talents: Vector mainly likes to drink. Whatever reasons he drinks for are unknown. Along with that though, he loves to fight and he loves to destroy. He is a copy of an ancient maverick and he shares the same qualities, so killing just about anyone isn't anything to him.
Weaknesses: Vector's hot temper is dangerous. This is only a weakness not because it can get him killed, but it can kill others who might be useful or are important to him..

Personal facts-
Friends: An old maverick hunter he used to know, Rioku
Known relatives: N/A
Likes/Favorite activities: surprisingly enough, watching peaceful activities. But still, loves to fight and drink.
Dislikes/Least favorite activities: Getting his "spotlight" stolen, teamwork, unless its with a certain group of people who understand his destructive fighting style.
Beverages of choice: Scotch, taquila, hennessy, etc.

Vehicles: Upon signalling an ancient satellite, Vector can call upon a hovership. It works like a plane, except ess straight-forward. It can mobilize in all directions possible, and can go up to speeds of about 2-300 miles an hour. Due to the energy crisis, Vector wouldn't dare waste energy like that though. It appears to resemble a helicoptor in that it has the basic frame like one. On the sides are the two rotors that spin horizontally. At the end is a skinny long tail with jet thrusters. More jet thrusters are everywhere on the vehicle, thus giving it its ability to go all directions. It is painted all black, though it shows that little care has been given to it. THe paint is old and scratched.
Personality: Vector is the rough 'n tuff kill 'em all-type of guy. He is the one to be used to get rid of the enemy very violently, as his destructive capabilities have been rivaled only by a select few. If he isn't personally close to his allies, he won't be able to tell much of a diffrence between enemy and ally. Killing is nothing but an activity to pass the time. Vector is usually cold and serious to those he doesn't know, and loves to drown away his memories with alcohol. He doesn't take too kindly to insults and if the right button is pressed, someone gets hurt.
Back Story: THere's nothing much to the reploid. He is an ancient one, perhaps way back when reploids were created, it is unsure of. He had been apart of the the maverick hunters for awhile, serving in the 47th [you]reconnaissance[/you] unit. Around that time, Vector, along with a few others dissappeared when it was announced that all of the hunters belonging to the unit had been killed in action. Vector had roamed the earth on his own for a while until he recieved damage. In order to survive, he had to be shut down to allow his roid body to regenerate. So he did for many years. One day he was reactivated by an old friend. With the old friend and more, Vector took part in an epic battle. After it had ended, Vector returned to stasis sleep. Once again and finally, he had been re-awakened again. This time to protect a child. He did his job well until he was ambushed by the Neo-Arcadian army where he lot hold of the boy. It has been a while since then, and now Vector is sure that Rioku is that same boy, though it is impossible for a reploid child to naturally grow, and the crisis times had disallowed for any upgrades to happen...

Gained moves/abilities:

Cyber elf(s):

Energy Crystals: 1820

Weapon level:


Character Image: [Image: 75800834zp2.png]
Name: Zanjitsu
Nicknames: Zanji
Species: Reploid

Height: 5 foot 9
Skin Color: Normal
Eye Color:Blood red
Hair Style: No helm...look at the pic once again
Armor description: just look at the pic, stil making it though
Armor colors:Black and Red trim

Reason for joining the resistance:The resistance had found and repaired him on his escape from Neo Arcadia

Agility - 11
Strength – 9
Defense – 3
Dexterity – 8
Constitution - 7
Skill limit- 4
Skill level – 6

Special Attacks:
Sever Blast: A blade beam simply, it's about the size of Zanji's slash, and is fairly fast.

Deception: This is usually used when he charges forward, two images will be created, they aren't solid but appear to be solid. He directs their movements with his mind, though he can't control how long they're active which is 10 seconds times his skill level.

Blade Storm: He must be stationary while using this. By concentrating all his energy into his sword arm, including the energy used in his legs, he swings the blade around him, making a temporary shield. The arm would heat up if used too long, and thus temporarily unusable. This attack can be used as a means of making many consecutive hits when at close range, or as a shield against small projectiles at a longer range. The max is 10sec + Skill Lvl + Constitution.

Mist Cutter- He strikes once, the air begins to still and anything within, as if he had an extremely long sword, range gets cut after a few moments. This attack can cut wood clean off, but when it comes to machinery, the insides take damage instead, but that depends on the skill of the user and the armor of the target(s). This is his signature attack when he uses it three times in a row, often making a Z. The range after the initial strike is 5 feet and there is a 2 second delay before the ranged strike.

Main Weapon: Black Saber
Other weapons if any: Short Saber

Gained moves/abilities:
Ground Control - The user gains limited control of the sand on the ground (providing there is sand on the ground) and can form it into shields or other helpful shapes.

Back story: Zanjitsu the 1st was a reploid, made for war and war only. Made of a special alloy, called Black Alloy, called so for it's ebony appearance, light in weight, and strong for such a weight. In the beginning of their experiments, they made reploids with small amounts of Black Alloy, these turned out to be successful, but were weak. They were fast, but weak. Eventually, they made Zanjitsu the 1st, inputting a chip, and keeping him unconscious for a certain amount of time, enough to dump him somewhere. His sole purpose, the one implanted i the chip, was combat. Thus joining the maverick hunters.

After which, the experiment proved successful, the scientists in the peak of their excitement, moved to a much larger step, using Black Alloy for weapons. They were able to procure their first Black Alloy weapon user, Terry, but his blades were silver. Yet it was a success. The scientists wanted one that was pure Black Alloy this time, and this was where the experiment went wrong, but at the same time, succeeded. They infused too much power into Ken's katana, and shuriken creating arms, and thus, after this made Ken. Destroying their lab.

Many years later, the data for Black Alloy was found by Arcadians. And thus, from this, made the first special unit, the Crow Unit, users of Black Alloy. From these experiments, they created the Blaze Alloy, Frost Alloy, and Surge Alloy. But they made the same mistake as the scientists, when they decided to put more power into the alloys, the reploids they made eventually went crazy, and went on a berserk. The guardians quickly quelled them, the danger of the Alloys were now known, they had to dispose of it. Zanji, the one we know now, was an original, made from the original data, thus he was easily able to control it, and grow stronger. The guardians came down to the decision, to scrap all Alloy units, also removing their memories to use their combat data. Zanji escaped, after his memory was erased, unbeknownst to him, he was made with original parts of Zanjitsu the 1st, thus he subconsciously fights for no real reason. Zanji escaped to the resistance, and the story starts from there.

Cyber elf(s):

Energy Crystals: 2700

Weapon level:
Black Saber - D
Short saber - D


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