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Copyright Policy
Copyright Policy

By posting content on Endless Fight, you are granting Endless Fight a royalty-free, perpetual, global, irrevocable license to adapt and display this content.
This content does not belong to Endless Fight, nor does Endless Fight make any such claims. This clause is only so Endless Fight can show the content. Owners may post their own content elsewhere at their own desire.

Users (whether registered or not) may not repost or adapt any content posted here without permission from it's owner.
This includes, but is not limited to: The custom skins/images on the forum, the roleplays (and/or any of the subsequent parts), fan fictions, user's signatures and/or avatars to even the posts of this forum.


Why do we need a "royalty-free, perpetual, global, irrevocable license to adapt and display this content"? Although the wording may seem strong and very much sounds like it gives a lot of rights to us/the site, it's actually only to allow us to display the content.

The reason we need this level of license, broken down by wording, is:
"Royalty-free" - this prevent users from posting content then attempting to claim we owe them money (or attempting to claim that by posting on our site, it cost them).

"Perpetual" - This prevents cases where rights to display content would expire. Allowing us to display any and all content posted on our site from opening day and forward (even if forward means 10-20 years later).

"Global" - We need this because we need to be able to display content to anyone who visits our site, regardless of where in the world they live.

"Irrevocable" - This is to prevent people from saying "I remove your right to display my content, pull it all down".
As long as the content is stored on Endless Fight, we have the right to display it.

"Adapt" - Content on the site may be shown in multiple different ways. Like if a user views Endless Fight on a tablet rather than a desktop, this could count as another method to view and as such we need the right to modify the content in order to deliver it to the users.
02-13-2014 09:38 PM
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