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[Story] Mass Effect - Shepard's Sacrifice
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Mass Effect - Shepard's Sacrifice
"The reapers.

Shepard warned us they would come.

We didn't listen.

We ignored her.

We didn't want to believe that an ancient alien race would come to wipe us out. But when they touched down on Earth and started vapourizing citizens of Earth the time for disbelief was over. The governments of the world had no choice, they had to act and fast. Chain of command was falling apart as the reapers wrecked everything in their sights.

Days have passed since they first touched down. We've been making hit and run attacks against them. But each attack hasn't done much against these massive monsters. They shrug off our attacks like nothing. Other times it sounds like they're laughing. Then they unleash those freaks... Like humans but full of robot parts. They're fast and take loads of shots to put down. Every time they get at least one of us... And our numbers are dwindling."
=== End Recording ===

"It's been almost a month already. Hard to believe that we're even still alive now.

But at the very least we aren't alone. Thanks to Shepard's help we've gotten some much needed reinforcements from the Turians, Quarians and Krogans.

I have to admit, I've never been so relieved to see a Krogan charging in my life. Those guys are tough and make those small reapers look like toys.

I've even seen a few Asari around too. And man, are they a sight for sore tired eyes on this battlefield. Watching them fight is like a whole 'nother way they dance. Just with more deadly results.


What's that?

The Reaper... It's stopped? It's falling?
Does this mean we won?

We won!

=== End Recording ===

"It wasn't until much later that we realised just what had transpired. And just how much we'd lost.

Shepard was gone. She sacrificed herself to destroy the Reapers once and for all. But in doing so she had also killed all the Geth, ruined most forms of technology that we had come to depend on... Including the Mass Effect relays.

Thousands of allies who had come from all over the galaxy were now stranded on Earth with us. Anxious to go home but trapped.

That by itself caused a lot of tensions to rise. Not long after that wars began to break out over territory on Earth. If they couldn't go home, Earth was going to be their new home.

And you know what they say... Yesterday's ally is tomorrow's enemy or something like that."
=== End Recording ===

"Listen up." Shouted a tall Turian in dark purple armour.
"We've got another situation on our hands. Yet another squabble for land on the border of US and Mexico. Go in and shut the problem down. Sounds like it's just a couple groups of humans this time. But be careful anyway."

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02-25-2014 01:13 AM
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