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[Story] Borderlands - Saga of the Sirens
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Borderlands - Saga of the Sirens
"Let me tell you a story...
Aeons ago there was a race of aliens called Eridians. They were a powerful race of warriors. But they knew something was coming so they took their treasures and sealed them away in vaults. And then overnight, without a trace, they vanished. Not a word. Just gone. 
So time moves on. A whole lotta time at that. Then the Dahl corporation shows up. They aim to mine the planet of valuable minerals. But they make a much greater discovery. One full of wonder and mystery. A magical key to the vaults. Thousands have come looking for the vaults. But not one of them could find, let alone open, them. 
Then 6 years ago 4 vault hunters did the unthinkable. With the help of a guardian angel, they managed to find and crack open the vault. But it wasn't riches they found waiting... 
No sir.
There were considerably more tentacles.
After that a mysterious new mineral appeared all over the planet... Named Eridium (after that mysterious race), it brought the Hyperion corporation and Handsome Jack. Which I'm sure you've probably heard of him. And how 6 crazed bandits killed him and ate from his skull last year. Or whatever the echonet claims."  Marcus paused a moment, only to mutter under his breath.
"Crazy conspiracy theorists."
"But that's far from the truth. He sought the Warrior. Another Eridian weapon sealed in a vault. So those 'crazed bandits' stopped him. And in doing so they revealed the location of numerous more vaults. They have been off chasing them ever since.  Word must have gotten out about all those vaults since now dozens more have been searching too. 
Which is why you're here also, right?" Although Marcus had stopped speaking for a moment, he didn't wait for anyone to give a reply. 
"Anyway, this is as far as I go. So get off my bus. And welcome to Pandora... Try not to die."  
And with that Marcus sped off in his bus. Leaving everyone sitting outside of the newly rebuilt Fyrestone. 
For a somewhat Borderlands sounding theme...

Also the OOC thread is located here.
04-10-2014 02:37 PM
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RE: Borderlands - Saga of the Sirens

Words imprinted in thick bold across the broadside of two very distinct chainsaws for all to see as the darker-skinned man stepped slowly from the bus. The cold steel of the lengths crossed as an X on the wielder's bare backside while the bulky handling areas rested on each of his shoulders. What seemed to be concertina wire coiled neatly around his bare arms to connect to some heavy-plated gloves. A steady stream of smoke spewed from his mouth as the man exhaled out by the fat cigar of his. As he took in another deep breath, he began to noticed the stench of burnt leather that reeked from his surroundings.

"So damn hot already.." He stated to himself, unenthusiastically. "I can feel it..The love that needs to be expressed. This planet has so much love to give......It wants me, its lover...." A sharp intake of breath interrupted his own words and his dark blue eyes seemed to revitalize. Adjusting his over-sized vertically worded "Love & War" belt buckle along with a pair of what seemed to be a large pair of ski goggles, The man known as Marble rubbed his hand across the stubble of his shaved head and began to stomp his heavy black boots across the terrain in search of excitement

[Image: Silv3r%20Stryker.jpg]
04-10-2014 09:09 PM
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RE: Borderlands - Saga of the Sirens
Wilson stepped off the bus, having been thoroughly fed up with this Marcus guy's story. He didn't really care for a life story of Pandora, though the mention of the vaults did pique Wilson's interest. He was already sent to retrieve a piece of tech, any tech really, from the planet. But if he could nab some treasure from that vault... Maybe keep a little for himself then it'd be more than worth the trip to this godforsaken planet.

One of the others that departed before him spoke. Wilson listened but he wasn't sure he wanted anything that guy was a part of.

He didn't have time to really get away though before an unholy scream ripped through the area. Followed quickly by a cry of:
"Time for my reward"

3 men wearing tattered yellow pants and white masks with glowing eyes came running from around an alley way beside the Fyrestone entrance. One of which was brandishing a metal pipe though the others weren't.
04-11-2014 01:52 AM
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