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Trigger Warning Policy
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Trigger Warning Policy

Trigger Warnings are a system that has been going around for a few years now. The basic idea is that each topic (or post for ultra specific interpretations) would need to have a visible marker somewhere (either in the title or at top of the first post) to let readers know what, if any, kinds of objectionable material is present.
For example a topic dealing with a torture scene would likely be tagged TW:Torture.

In the past Endless Fight has not addressed trigger warnings and has made no stance on them. This policy aims to correct that and formalize our stance.

Reader - any person, registered or not, who is looking at content on site.

Player - any registered person who is participating in any of the active roleplay game topics.

Member - any person who has registered an account, whether they participate in roleplay topics or not.

Our Policy

At Endless Fight we do not require trigger warnings to be used. Players are free to use them if they wish, however they are not mandatory. (And each person's decision on whether or not to use them must be respected.) That stated, content that is most assuredly dark in nature (like torture or rape) should not be played out in our open/PG-13 sections. It should be done in our mature section(s) instead.

Readers are expected to use their own judgement and good sense. Any reading is done at the reader's own discretion and risk. Neither Endless Fight, nor any members/players on Endless Fight, shall be held liable for any issues/reactions that could potentially arise from your visit to our site. Use of Endless Fight (or any part thereof, currently existing or added later) constitutes understanding and acceptance of this clause.

Players, it is your responsibility to be mature and respectful to let others know if you have issues with certain types of content. If you do not let others know, you forfeit any right to be upset later if/when something you don't agree with happens. (No one else can know if you don't tell them.) It is no one else's job, responsibility or requirement to be on the lookout for anything that could potentially bother you.

Communication Aid

To aid in ensuring players are comfortable (and communicating their comfort levels), we encourage users to fill out their "About Me" page on our wiki. (You can log into the wiki using the same username and password as on our forum.) This page has a section dedicated to roleplaying, which includes things like:
  • Fandoms interested/not interested in.
  • Plots interested/not interested in.
  • Maximum rating willing to play out.

This wiki page, to make it easy to locate and convenient to use, has been placed inside each user's mini-profile (the part beside each post). However, only members will be able to see this section of the wiki.


Our reasoning for not enforcing the use of Trigger Warnings boils down to the fact that we feel Trigger Warnings, as a system, are immensely flawed and cause more harm than help. They:
- cannot accurately prevent an issue (triggers, according to PTSD, are far more complicated and nuanced than a word, they can be a scent or action).

- put the onus on everyone else (who don't know what will cause problems) to look out for those few who actually have issues with specific things and know what those things are.

- treat every person who may have an issue as a victim and reinforce the victim status rather than encourage growth or development. (Essentially stating that any recovery, or work through an issue, is so easily undone that the mere mention of an issue can do it.)

- treat talk or representation of an action/issue as the same as being engaged in that action/issue. (Very akin to how many videogame detractors will attempt to prove how playing violent games makes people violent.) Which further only undermines the real issues people may have by claiming said representation is on par with it's real world version.

- devolve into an unnecessary form of censorship (done in the name of being civil). Meaning people have to censor themselves and provide warnings for anything that could even possibly upset another person.
04-13-2014 01:15 AM
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