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new character [Xmand]
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new character [Xmand]
after being bugged to death i realized i have sealed my fate and must join this RP, so i decided to do something different and try to make a human
[Image: 548px-PRPortrait2.png]
Name: Xmand Luria
Nicknames: Xia
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 4.9
Weight: 40kg

DOB: i'm 18 I swear..... next year
Birth Place:
Occupation: Weapon maintenance

Reason for joining the resistance:
“people never ask nicely” Xmand is one to hold his grudges. after losing his lab and having a gun buster pointed to his head he thought enough was enough, who had the right to barge into his room like that? who has the right to turn the place upside down and destroy all his valuable research? NO ONE, after the events that lead to him being a fugitive he had a run in with the resistance and hey he liked their ideals… and he was accused of helping them anyway so why not.

Basic Stats
(Max 50)
Agility - 7
Strength -€ “3
Defense -€“ 3
Dexterity -€“ 9
Constitution - 8
Skill limit - 8
Skill level -€“ 10

Special Attacks

Exia System-
the Remote Plasma Mini Hover Turrets System (or Exia system for random naming purposes) Is a remote controlled Weapons system Xmand created when he was pondering on how to counteract the natural physical weakness of humans, the answer was simple “more firepower” and thus the Exia system came into existence, but what exactly is it?
there are 6 miniature turrets (named Exia node) that hover around Xmand and are controlled by his gloves and are controlled by the Index, middle and ring finger of each hand.

movement is limited and Xmand dreams of the day he can control them from his mind directly, he is also trying to find a higher powerform to use

main weapon-
[lazer form]
The Exia Nodes move around according to Xmands movement inputs and fire when Xmand touches one of the controlling fingers with his thumbs. they can not move out of a meter radius of Xmand.

sub weapon-
[saber form]
Saber form is when 2 of the bases sprout energy sabers and hover about 10cm away from Xmands hands, control of each saber is used by each hand as it can be hard to control otherwise, can go into autopilot hoverboard mode with spare 4 nodes.

Hobbies & Talents: playing with broken equipment, building strange weapons
Weaknesses: practically everything (humans be weak)


Known relatives:
Likes/Favorite activities: reading books alone, designing weapons alone, doing other things alone
Dislikes/Least favorite activities: sports
Gourmet of choice: instant noodles
Beverages of choice: Dr. Peppa
Favorite color(s): Purple
Vehicles: Exia system [hover board mode], 4 exia nodes (2 under each foot) create a board like shape able to hover and move at high speeds.

the nice way to put it for Xmand is that he has a few screws loose in his head…. or a lot, though others prefer to just use the term madman or crazed scientist. He is also awkward around people as he has spent most his life in solitude and doesn't know how to talk to people… which can lead to misunderstandings, if he does say something offencive to someone he doesn't mean it he is normally just trying to be friendly.... being crazy is lonely after all.
oh and Xmand holds eternal grudges.

Xmand was born into a family of weapon manufacturers, designing and building weapons parts for Reploids and selling them off to companies that were interested in their works. Though Xmand was born with the same talents of the rest of his family he was much more intelligent than the rest of them and found their weapons simple and boring so he started locking himself in his room at a young age.

At first Xmand was a loveable kind little boy over the time of moving out of home and years of solitude only to be around household reploids his sanity deteriorated rapidly, which led to him wanting to create something that could make a human stand up against reploids even with the clear physical difference in strength alone. After more years of quiet laughter and outburst of random joy he finally did it, he created
The Exia System.

Mere words can not express the joy Xmand felt over this and he just had to play around with it, so he went out for the first time in years. As he ventured forth to the more lawless parts (what was he doing there? where else could you test a potentially devastating device?) he was attacked by some poor excuse of a maverick which lead to it complete annihilation by the exia system and the final words it would ever hear “KYAHAHAHAHAAA this is simply da best thing ever”. Satisfied Xmand headed home.

It didn’t take long for word to reach the government and they grew interested in Xmands new weapon. So they did possibly the stupidest thing ever, barge into his lab with blasters blasting everything up and demanding that Xmand would come with them to develop more of these weapons, Luckily Xmand always slept with his gloves on and they didn’t know how it worked, and as he was being forced out of bed the one holding onto him was shot in the head which lead to the rest to lead a moment of shock and a moment was all Xmand needed to smash through his window and use the exia system hoverboard mode to escape. Sadly that was the extent of his plan and he soon found himself homeless and on the run.

after somehow evading the system of Neo-arcadia for a few months Xmand was feeling the strain from little food or sleep which led him to remember why he created the Exia system. Though with these events he had learnt how corrupt everything was, what was those borish weapons his parents created being used for? didn’t his parents use to lecture him about how weapons are used to keep peace? this was a lot to think about for a crazed mind, but when he was deep in thought he was attacked, being a fugitive had attracted more attention than he could handle, he could not react in time, they didn’t want him dead but if he took a hit with his weak body he surely would not last.
As soon as he noticed what was happening he thought it was all over.
then as he thought he could feel the blade falling a flash of light and noise of blades crossing rang through, someone had saved his life.
“w-why would someone be helping ME? i have no friends” was the words of disbelief that came from his mouth as he saw his saviour in front of him.

“why are you attacking this human boy?” the man spoke.
“he is wanted captured alive, the report says he has been supplying the resistance with weapons” the attacker spoke, “and seeing as a member is protecting him i would say it is true”
“funny i don’t seem to ever remember seeing another human around” the man replied.

While the conflict took place Xmand was in a state of shock, people called him crazy, but throwing around wild claims about people was even crazier, his grudge growing stronger against the corrupt just kept growing and before he knew it his life was saved by the man.
Xmand decided to follow this man, maybe he could find safety….or maybe he just wanted a friend.

the way Xmand followed the man probably reminded him of a lost puppy with nowhere to go,despite the kids rants the man could tell that he was innocent enough…. and he did know his weapons well giving a full breakdown of the saber the assailant used, the kid clearly had nowhere to go and he could be of use so he brought up if he was able to let the human boy into the resistance. Xmand has proved that even if he is a human, with the exia system on his side he would be able to fight on equal footing with reploids.

Gained moves/abilities
Pulse Shot- shoots from 4 exia nodes that home into the nearest enemy

double cannon- Xmand holds down on 2 fingers to charge 2 shots that fire when released.

revolver- the 6 exia nodes take a formation resembling a revolver clip, the nodes spin around shooting 6x shots in rapid succession.

Cross slash- Xmand controls the 2 swords and makes them attack leaving a cross shape in the aftermarage

Dashing slash- Xmand goes hoverboard mode and quickly dashes past the enemy slashing them with both blades once.

imprisonment- as dashing slash finishes with him behind the enemy the hoverboard breaks apart instantly while the 2 nodes that were used as swords stayed in front of the enemy if canceled as soon as dashing slash was executed, while the other 4 nodes surround the enemy imprisoning them with nodes before firing from all directions at once

Spinning slash-
The blades are made to spin around the back of Xmands hands basically creating saws that can be used in close range basic attack combos for extra damage.

Annihilation Railgun- all 6 nodes create a small circle in front of Xmand spinning around at high speeds while charging all shots by Xmand closing his hands into fists, when charged Xmand releases a huge blast of energy when he opens his hands.

Cyber elf(s)

Energy Crystals:

Weapon level:
Exia System- E
05-05-2014 09:21 AM
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