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[Story] Ghostbusters: New Orleans
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Ghostbusters: New Orleans
30 years ago (in 1984) 4 college students were expelled because the college didn't want to fund their research into the paranormal any longer. But taking the information they'd already learned they set up a brand new service... One to deal with ghosts.

It was not long before the number of ghost sightings and encounters increased. Things culminated in a 50 foot tall marshmallow man-ghost stomping around New York. After the incident was resolved, damage was repaired and the court cases settled life returned to normal. But the knowledge that the supernatural not only existed but was very easily able to interact and cause damage worried people.

Especially when the incident 5 years later (1989) during the River of Slime event involving the Museum of History getting covered in a hard shell of slime and the Statue of Liberty being animated with slime to break through... Which prompted New York to make the Ghostbusters city employees. A fact which paid off in 1991 when the cult of Shandor tried to use the slime again to gain godly power through ghosts.

But other cities have since noticed an increase in spirit activity and so they've contacted New York and the Ghostbusters to set up their own divisions. Including Detroit, Salt Lake City and even Toronto (Ontario, Canada).

Now, in 2014, New Orleans has made the call. The mysticism of New Orleans appears to be a beacon for the supernatural and things are deteriorating.
So a new team has been assembled to handle the task.

The discussion/rules/info thread is here. Please read it before jumping in.
07-28-2014 04:39 PM
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