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[Story] Supernatural - Angel's Cry
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Supernatural - Angel's Cry
[Image: tumblr_mmvl77Vhff1rys8k8o1_500.gif]

Unknown to virtually everyone, brothers Sam and Dean Winchester stood before the Archangels Michael and Lucifer. Told they would have to play their roles by just about everyone. That they would have to bow down and become hosts for the two angelic figures for the impending war of light and dark.

They tried desperately to resist fate... To turn tides and break free from their intended destiny. However they failed.

Sam allowed Lucifer to take possession of him. And with his host body secured, Lucifer was able to release his full power without risking having his body burning away.

And with that the world's end was set in motion. Demons began to rise from hell in numbers greater than ever before. Vicious attacks against the human populace began. Most people died out fairly quickly under the onslaught. Others were taken and used as hosts for demons to possess.

Dean attempted to carry on and fight against Lucifer's demon army. But he was injured in a skirmish. Unable to continue alone in a losing battle he cried out for help. Michael appeared to him and repeated his offer from before. This time though Dean accepted.
Michael possessed Dean and with his own host body secured, he began to gather humans up to fight back against Lucifer and his hoard of demons.
10-22-2014 10:52 PM
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