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[Discussion] Megaman X - Darkest Night
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Megaman X - Darkest Night
  • No godmodding, metagaming, powerplaying.
  • Original characters only please.
  • You can have as many characters as you want. (Though each one has to have the bio sheet filled out.)
  • Please keep all Out of Character comments in this thread please.

Character sheet

[b]Weapon:[/b] (Buster, saber or non-energy/Knuckle - Pick only one.)
[b]Special Abilities:[/b] (Up to 4.)

Because this is set in a world where Sigma's won, Hunter forces lack a lot of their cool capabilities. This means no hypermodes, extra armour transformations, force metals, robot rides or land chasers. And the weapons they have are in short supply so one per character.

If you want you can use characters from the AR/CA series... But this roleplay isn't actually connected to them at all. (So nothing here transfers back) And you do have to give up capabilities to fit the above.
12-17-2014 10:49 PM
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RE: Megaman X - Darkest Night
Name: Serah Ria

Head – Serah wears no armour on her head. Her black hair hangs down loosely to her shoulders, but her face is cleared.

Chest/torso – Her body armour is mostly a burnt orange colour with silver highlights on the underside of the breast, around the shoulders and down either side from shoulder to hip. Her armour has numerous small cuts, burns, cracks and dings in it.

Arms – Her shoulders have a small burned black shoulder pad. Her biceps are entirely silver with a small orange stripe, that's cracked, down the outside. Her forearms are the standard reploid armoured forearms with the same burnt orange with no markings on them, though trimmed in silver. Her hands are burnt orange and each has a small round red crystal on the back of her hands, right behind her knuckles.

Legs – Her thighs are silver on the inside, but the outer parts are the burnt orange at the outer thigh. The silver slowly blends into the orange in a gradient effect. Her shin to ankle region is all burnt orange but more angular then other reploids, it starts pointy at the front then rounds off behind the leg. The shin formerly had a red crystal kneeguard that was triangular shaped... but it has long since been broken off and not been fixed. Her boots are orange, flat heeled ones with a silver trim, though the bottom of the boots are orange.

Weapon: Buster

Special Abilities:
Spark Hook – This move fires a small orb of energy (from either her buster or the crystal on the back of her hands) that latches onto the target… When activated, Serah unleashes a bolt of electricity which homes in on the orb. She can also use it to pull objects that the orb has latched onto using electromagnetics or pull herself to it.

Diffusion Wave – This move fires a beam of super cooled energy, it can freeze some enemies/objects in place.

Burst Dash – When activated, Serah surrounds herself with a purple energy and then launches forward at high speed. The distance she goes in fairly short, but the speed she accelerates to is the major advantage.

Auger Missile - When activated, Serah fires a bomb that spins in a clockwise motion to bite into enemies. The missile can be detonated remotely but is armed once it impacts (setting off a several second timer).

Serah is a kind reploid and will offer aid to just about anyone. She hates seeing anyone injure the innocent, so she will not hesitate to use force on those who threaten others. She can be rather selfless too, taking hits to protect others. She is polite and easy to get a long with (due to her background of being an office worker.)

SR-7338 was created as one of hundreds in a long line of corporate reploids. She was remodelled into a combat reploid after a rogue gunman burst into her office and attempted to kill her boss. (She used her body to shield him, thus saving him.) She stayed with her company for a time but felt that Hunters would make better use of her abilities.
12-18-2014 12:50 AM
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RE: Megaman X - Darkest Night
Name: Isaac Midas

Appearance: White skin, blue eyes, shaggy golden brown hair which connects to his beard. He wears a faded gray chest plate and stained black pants and black combat boots. Over these clothes he wears a dark blue duster, somewhat faded and torn but hand patched. Around his neck he wears a red scarf, which appears to have no combat value. Wears a sword sheathe over his shoulder but the scabbard caries no weapon. Brown gloved hands with the fingers cut off, a spiked gauntlet in the left hand and a knuckle energy weapon in the right. Physically fit, was obviously quite handsome once but life underground has made him somewhat unkempt.

Weapon: Energy Knuckle
Ragnarok - (Runesword) A sword with runes and energy chips each imbuing the weapon with different effects when activated. Flint - Increases the density of the sword, making it heavier. Most useful to activate while in the process of delivering a downward strike. Sap - Coats the blade in a sort of sticky acid which burns on contact and hardens, making the target or their weapons sticky and slowed. Quartz - Siphons energy from the foe and feeds it back to Isaac. Granite - Plunging the sword into the ground erects an energy barrier which lingers for a short time to protect Isaac and allies from harm. Bane - Coats the sword in a deadly poison which inflicts more damage as the battle goes on.

Special Abilities:
Flame Burst - Channels a blast of fire from his hands hot enough to melt through armor, he can control the range and intensity, obviously requiring longer charge for a sustained attack. Flames can also be used to boost Isaac's jump or slow his descent, but falls short of actual flight.

Ice Beam - Conjures ice from moisture in the air, which can be used to temporarily freeze foes or to impale them with ice javelins.

Electro Spread - Launches an electronic pulse through the air which explodes with a snap of Isaac's fingers. The longer the charge the more the electrical shock spreads, useful for striking several foes. Can also be charged for a powerful, single target shock.

Adept Force - An invisible punch or grab, unknown if powered through telepathy or gravity manipulation. Requires intense concentration, requiring that Isaac remain stationary while channeling this power.

History: In another life Isaac had been a general in the military of the United World Government, proudly serving for many years until his wife was lost in a maverick attack, leaving Isaac to raise their only daughter Kierra alone. Isaac was forced to withdraw from active duty, taking more commanding role and directing the government forces. Recently, in the aftermath of Sigma's new uprising and dissolution of the World Government, several of the men he'd served with were killed. Isaac and top staff were forcibly evacuated to a safe house, and by the time he was able to returned to his daughter, she too had been lost to the mavericks. Isaac was left a broken man, now with nothing to lose. He's joined up with the remnants of hunter and world government forces, hoping to strike one final decisive blow against the mavericks.

Personality: Isaac was a good leader, extremely level headed, made his voice heard when he needed to, a firm but fair commander. In the field Isaac never asked a man to do a job he wouldn't do himself, earning the respect of his peers. As a father, Isaac had tried to shelter his daughter, who in turn had wanted to grow up just like him. Even now, Isaac remains calm and collected, careful not to let his pain show. He knows that everyone has lost someone dear to them by this point. All the same, Isaac would welcome death, preferably if he could bring Sigma down with him.

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12-24-2014 02:09 AM
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