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Privacy Policy
Information we Collect

When you visit our site, our software notes your IP address for a period of time (15 minutes after your last click) however it does not save for simply browsing. When you register for an account on our site, our system will ask you for a username, email address and your date of birth. Additionally the system will automatically record the IP address used to register your account.

Use of Personal Information

Personal information stored in our database for a variety of purposes. These being (but not limited to):
  • Username is stored to allow posts to be collected and designated as yours.
  • Date of Birth is used to verify you are of age to access any mature content present on site.
  • Email address is used to verify that you own the account. Plus to receive any notifications from the site.
  • IP addresses (on registration/posting) are collected and stored to verify ownership.

Changing Information

If the information supplied to us is inaccurate or you want changed (and you cannot change it yourself), please contact us (via methods listed on our contact page or by sending a Personal Message to the admin).

Disclosure of Personal information

Personal information is not disclosed without a warrant or other court authorized document. We respect user's privacy and will not hand over their private information without being legally compelled. The sole exception being in the event the site is sold. In this case all data will be transferred to the new owner (as they need it to operate the site).


There is some information that is deemed public and we cannot make any guarantees on protecting it. Notable information of this nature are:
  • Username
  • Post content
  • Signature
  • Birthday (if you elect not to hide it)


Use of our site requires that cookies be set on your computer. Cookies are small files that are saved on your computer to remember settings from our site. These cookies are set to:
  • allow your browser to keep you logged in.
  • record how you discovered the site (this service uses Google Analytics, please see their privacy policy for more information on what info they collect and how they use it).
  • what your preferences for the sidebar are (which tabs are open/closed, or if the sidebar is even visible).


This website contains links to external sites. As a result clicking on aforementioned links will cause users to leave this site. We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of these sites. Clicking of these links is done at the discretion of each user. Each user agrees not to hold this site responsible for anything they may see/encounter or experience while on another site. Additionally users may not hold this site responsible for any issues resulting from data collection from other sites. (Please check and be aware of their privacy policy before continuing use of their site.)


Admins take all reasonable precautions to preserve and protect user information from unaccepted access. This includes: installation of any/all available patches to software used, anti-intrusion software, and strong passwords on sensitive accounts.

However this does not mean that security is perfect nor immune to attack via alternative attack venues. (EX- Social engineering attacks that prey on users willingly giving up info.) Users are responsible for maintaining security of their own accounts (using strong passwords and changing them if requested/required).

Changes to Policy

This policy is subject to change as new issues arise. Changes may or may not be publicly announced (depending on severity of change being made. EX- spelling corrections may not be announced, but new sections or alterations concerning governance of user data will be.)

Limited Liability

Users of the site agree to not hold the site or staff responsible for any issues that arise as a result of their own action (or inaction). In the event security is compromised users agree to hold the site (and staff) not responsible for any data lost, stolen or leaked. Users agree not to sue or otherwise pursue legal action against the site, it's owners or volunteers/staff.

This policy was last modified on:
September 6th 2015
02-19-2015 11:52 PM
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