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Team Leaders: Repliforce
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Team Leaders: Repliforce
Lieutenant Claymore
Character Image:
Name: Seraphim Claymore
Nickname: Lieutenant
Gender: male
Age: Appears 33
DOB: June 8th

Height: 7'6
Weight: 573
Hair: none
Eye Color: Red
Skin Color: Brown
Other Features: None
Occupation: Currently serving at a Lieutenant for Unit 10, formerly a Commander in the Maverick Hunters
Residence: Barracks Room 324

Personal Facts
Friends: Jolt
Rivals: Maverick Hunter Zero
Hobbies/Talents: Swimming, Climbing, Running, and Diving

Agility: 2
Speed: 2
Strength: 5
Dexterity: 5
Defense: 6
Skill Limit: 3
Skill Level: 2
Constitution: 5

Fire Line: After swinging his sword across the ground, Claymore can send out a flaming wave. The wave however stays on the ground. The fire can grown up to 20 feet and extend roughly 15 feet from it's starting point!

Launcher: Claymore's sword heats up, causing a significant power combustion causing Claymore to propel himself in the opposite direction he is aiming the sword.

IGNITE: Every vent on Claymore's body flares up, burning a gallant blue flame This skill cannot be used for long, as it overall burns through Claymore's power supply. The fire has been known to melt some forms of steel, as well it prevents most water based substances from reaching him.

Head: His helmet is rounded, and has vents going out he sides of it like a crown. The top of his helmet is yellow and centered near the front is a single horn.

Body: His chest is bulky and goes down to his abdominal section. His armor is red and has a yellow cross on it, with a repliforce emblem in the center of his chest. The yellow cross is filled with small pores for vents. His shoulders are rounded off, more half oval shaped and have vents in them like his head.

Torso: Three flaps hang from his whist, one covering each of his thighs and one covering his front. Each is red and has a yellow stripe going down it.

Legs: His legs are bulky and more squared, and have a spike on them at the top near his knee. Down the from of them is a yellow stripe and another one goes around them making another cross design. Like the others, these yellow parts are vents

Arms: Rounded off, his arms are pointed at his wrists. Around his wrists there are yellow vents.

Weapon: A large sword, bladed on both ends, that is nearly as tall as Claymore himself. The blade has small vents on it, allowing it to channel Claymore's flames throughout it.

Weakness: Ice and water have been known to put out his fires. He also has no tolerance for being sneaky
Reason for joining Repliforce:
When Repliforce was founded Claymore was offered a position. With this, there was a pay increase, as well as more of a chance to move up in rank and prove himself. Fighting mavericks was all he had known from creation, and so he felt it was his duty to stand firm to that. While he felt loyalty to the Hunters, he also found most of their actions and reports shady. Likewise he had a preference in working with Reploids, and not communication with humans.

Sargent Scopes
Character Image:
Name: Sniper Scopes
Nickname: Sargent
Gender: Male
DOB: May 11

Height: 6'2
Weight: 520
Hair: White, hangs down under helmet to chin level
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Caucasion
Other Features: None
Occupation: Officer in training, currently a Sargent looking to promote to officer status.
Residence: Barracks Room 12

Personal Facts
Friends: Colonel, Claymore, Joltz, Gizmo
Rivals: None as of yet
Hobbies/Talents: Marksman, Strategy style games

Agility: 2
Speed: 2
Strength: 6
Dexterity: 8
Defense: 5
Skill Limit: 1
Skill Level: 1
Constitution: 5

Heated Fist: Inside Scopes hands are micro heated plates that allow his hand to drastically increase in temperature. Once heated, the hands glow orange and cause a beam like effect. However, the cooldown time of this effect takes quite some time, making it hard to aim afterwords.

Head: Designed after a military helmet, its rounded all around. In the front middle a V white gem glows. Where his ears would be are round cones, with a white light inside. Off of the right one comes an antenna, and a mic that leads down to his mouth. A light blue visor comes off the top and covers the eyes. White hair with small traces of black in it escapes the sides and the back a bit.

Body: For light movement, the armor in the chest is rounded and goes down right below the lower abs. It is dark green in color. Down the right and left side are four white buttons, as well as painted white lines along the right side, and over the top to emulate a trench coat. The armor became more fabric like at the bottom and branches off as as a coat that flows down to the ankles. It becomes shoulder pads up on the shoulders where a white line goes across the top.

Arms: The arms are bare until the elbows were the rounded basic reploid armor covers them. From the ends near the hand, a square bit hands out and goes over the back of the hand. A smaller white painted square is inside it. His hands are black.

Legs: A green painted belt is at the waist, otherwise the armor is bare until the knees where imitated parade boots are placed. They are rectangular and hold a black toe as well as a crease in the middle where a white line goes diagonally down.

Weapon: Scopes Buster - A buster that has an extendable nose, and a scope that pops out atop it. The buster is more rectangle. (Based on the Scope buster from Command Mission)

Weakness: Excessive heat, Underwater
Back Story: Scopes was built with the intent of serving the Repliforce. Upon creation he began to pursue a military career that would hopefully place him at the top. He was trained personally by Colonel in the beginning, as his model type was being tested. All points were green, however the model has yet to see mass production. Many believe the scientist whom made Scopes was corrupted and disposed of.

Captain Joltz
Character Image:
Name: Gem Joltz
Nickname: Captian
Gender: Female
Age: 30ish
DOB: September 28th
Height: 4'8
Weight: 280
Hair: Black, ponytail coming out the back of her helmet, and slightly down the front
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Light Tan
Other Features: None
Occupation: The highest ranking officer in the unit, Joltz overlooks the other team leaders and at times takes point.
Residence: Barracks Room 5

Personal Facts
Friends: Claymore
Rivals: Spiral Pegasus
Hobbies/Talents: Stone collecting, Hover system in back & legs

Agility: 4
Speed: 5
Strength: 3
Dexterity: 6
Defense: 2
Skill Limit: 2
Skill Level: 3
Constitution: 5

Pressure cannon Joltz Cannon's charge up, applying a severe electrical charge to a condensed plasma blast. The attack is lunched with a high volacity and can easily cause heavy damage. Joltz however cannot move during this attack

Crystalisk Shield Joltz weapon energy manifests an emerald like shield around her forearm. It is about 2 feet in full diameter, and has a reflective effect on energy attacks.

Head: Joltz white helmet comes to a point at her chin, open faced. The forehead portion his point to about her nose, with a beveled triangle shape to it. Purple lines go across it, starting at its point and connecting at the back. A green triangle emerald his in the middle. here ear parts have purple gems in them that glow. she has a ponytail that comes out the back, and parts of her black hair comes down where her temples are.

Body: Her armor is much like an amazon breastplate. It is white atop, and at the ribcage it becomes purple. The back of the her armor has a good sized thruster pack with two thruster's in it. with her cannon system installed. The cannons rest back when not in use, otherwise the come up over her shoulders. Her shoulder pads are rectangular, intended to support her cannons. They are both white with a purple trim.

Torso: She has no torso armor, just a black latex like suit as most reploids have. Just a purple belt with an emerald belt buckle. Her saber he held on by this.

Arms: Each arm is lightly armored from the elbow to wrist. The armor has less bulk than many other model units, but keeps the common ovelish look. her arms are white with a purple trim that goes about a third up her arm from the wrist. At the white-purple meet she has an emerald.

Legs: Each leg is white with purple trimming. A diamond shaped emerald is in the middle of her legs. Each leg on the sides and back have a casing around a thruster that is used for her hover system. Allowing her to glides quickly across terrain in combat.

Weakness: Ice, and ridged terrain
Back Story: Joltz was a former Hunter who served alongside Overdrive Ostach. After his defection, she was left in control of his unit. It didn't take long however, for her to step down. The Doppler incident occurred and her unit was mostly taken by the Doppler Vaccine. While Repliforce was being formed after this incident, she immediately joined. Due to her rank at the Hunters, she was placed as a Captain in the force. From there she remained as a the trainer for Officers in Training.
08-14-2016 01:16 AM
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