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Terra Bichaparte
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Terra Bichaparte
Name: Terra Bichaparte
Nickname: Rocket Girl
Gender: Female
DOB: April 21, 2XXX
Birth Place: CNES (French Space Program)
Alignment: Repliforce.

Head: Wears a simple round blast helmet, red in color, very good at absorbing blunt force impact. Can crash through boulders with ease. Has goggles which she can pull over her eyes.
Body: More of a reinforced exoskeleton than an armored battlesuit, designed to provide moderate protection while retaining full range of motion. Red coloring with golden brown trim, almost the same shade as her hair but a little lighter.
Torso: Extremely light and flexible, the armor is sleek and red in appearance. Wears a black jumpsuit underneath.
Legs: Specially designed boots to enable swift movement with wheel and rocket accessories. Powerful dash capabilities.
Arms: Arms are built to withstand and dish out heavy impact. Wears padded sleeves on her elbows, a little darker shade of red than her chest armor.

Height: 5'8
Weight: 170 lbs
Hair: Dirty blonde, usually pulled back into shoulder length ponytail.
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: White
Other Features: N/A
Occupation: Reclamation officer (CNES)
Residence: Repliforce Base

Personal Facts
Friends: Iris, Colonel, Storm Owl, Slash Beast
Hobbies/Talents: Roller Derby, Kickboxing

Agility: 3
Speed: 3
Strength: 5
Dexterity: 2
Defense: 3
Skill Limit: 2
Skill Level: 2
Constitution: 5

Terra Force - By super-heating her Blast Burner gauntlets Terra can increase their density to incredible levels. She utilizes this in combat by slamming her fists into the ground and launching boulders at enemies. She can also cause stone spires to erupt and impale careless foes. Even if there is no earth nearby Terra can still use this move on foes to hammer them into dust with rocket fueled force.

Hardened Resolve - As the battle wears on and Terra takes damage her skin will harden in response. Her skin becomes more and more dense and resistant to damage, but at the same time she becomes prone to heat exhaustion. (OOC: As she takes damage she gains points in her defense stat, making her harder to injure going forward, but loses points in her constitution stat making her wear down more quickly)

Main Weapon: Blast Burners (Buster/Knuckle hybrid) - Terra's buster gauntlets can fire basic fireballs at medium range. She can charge her shot to fire a cluster of smaller, more condensed fireballs which can punch through weak armor like paper. Against stronger foes Terra can detonate the fire shrapnel for a small explosion. At close range the Blast Burners allow Terra to throw jet powered punches. Firing straight down can propel Terra through the air, greatly increasing her jumping capability.

Secondary Weapon: Supernova (Bolt action rifle) - Terra's bolt action rifle which she wears on her back. Extremely powerful but slow to reload, Terra usually brings it out for an opening attack, but against tougher enemies she needs a few seconds to reload. Fires standard buster bolts, but can also be loaded with special ammo, like Terra's Exploding Star rounds. These energy spikes lodge themselves in a target before igniting and blasting the enemy apart from inside.

Items: Rocket Rollers - Her combat boots have wheels that Terra can kick out when she needs to move fast, they're different from regular roller skates in that they have an exhaust port in the back. Terra can channel her fire abilities through this port to give her a fiery boost of speed.
Weakness: Water puts a bit of a damper on her abilities. She can be defeated early in battle if devastating damage is done before her Hardened Resolve kicks in. By the same token, she is prone to overheating if the battle is extended for a prolonged period of time. More susceptible to cutting attacks than bludgeoning force.
Theme Song:

Personality: Most people expect Terra to be the hotheaded battle girl, but she is actually quite the team player. She enjoys the thrill of battle but she sees the big picture and fights tactically lest an ally mistake her for some mindless berserker. In battle she can be an inferno, but with her allies and friends she is merely a warm ray of sunshine. Terra has the temperament of a team mom, always looking after wounded allies, smoothing over disagreements and bringing harmony wherever there is discord. Just don't ever make her angry. She will not battle for glory, will never seek acknowledgement for her deeds, she regards every success as a team effort even if she is the one leading the charge more often than not. She can be a bit of a practical joker, and can occasionally come off as a flirt without realizing, or even meaning it. She isn't really looking for a partner though, regarding most of the men she encounters as emotionally immature. And relationships just get in the way of missions. Despite this she has a big crush on the Colonel.

Back Story: Terra was created by affiliates of the French space program with the intention of launching her into space to use her skills in the development of colonies and space stations. Her fire abilities and power to crush through boulders made her ideal for space exploration. Terra had greater aspirations however, and she jumped at the chance to join Repliforce when she met their ambassadors. Colonel had toured the county, interested in its space technology and his sister Iris had accompanied him on a vacation to Paris. Terra and Iris became fast friends, and she made the introductions with Colonel who, after assessing her skills and aptitude allowed her to join the Repliforce ranks. Terra was attracted to Colonel as soon as she lay eyes on him, and his commitment to duty, honor and loyalty have only made him more appealing in her eyes. Nevertheless, she has always been afraid to make a move, lest she be seen as unprofessional or anything less than a model soldier.

Gained Hunter/Maverick Moves:


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RE: Terra Bichaparte
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