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Lucas Boltin
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Lucas Boltin
Name: Lucas Boltin
Nickname: Lucky Bolting
Gender: Male
DOB: April 23, 2XXX

Head: No traditional helmet, wears a headband in the field with a built in communicator and a camera for recording all data he sees. Also wears a pair of thin, clear glasses.
Body: Often wears a white lab coat with a dress shirt underneath, usually a red or a blue tie.
Legs: Black pants.
Arms: Usually covered by the lab coat. Normal arms, relatively strong.

Height: 6'1
Weight: 200 lbs
Hair: Shoulder length blonde hair
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: White
Other Features: Eyeglasses
Occupation: Scientist/Independent Researcher
Residence: Repliforce Base, private lab

Personal Facts
Friends: Web Spider, Spiral Pegasus (The Skiver)
Hobbies/Talents: Bare knuckle boxing

Agility: 4
Speed: 3
Strength: 3
Dexterity: 2
Defense: 2
Skill Limit: 3
Skill Level: 4
Constitution: 4

Lightning Spread - Fires electricity from the tip of his fingers. If enemies are grouped close together this attack will chain from one enemy to another, affecting the entire group.
Discharge Plasma - Fires and detonates a concentrated ball of electricity causing explosive damage and heavily injuring anything caught in the blast radius. Can be difficult to use around allies due to high risk of friendly fire.
Electrical Orbs - Fires a cluster of electrically charged orbs which fly through the air and seek out targets. Each orb inflicts light damage on its own, but for every orb that strikes the same target the charge builds and the damage is amplified several times.

Main Weapon: Beam Saber - blue in color, standard issue.

Secondary Weapon: N/A

Items: Seeker Droid - A spherical robot companion that orbits around Boltin and can fire a weak lazer and perform minor repairs.
Weakness: Easily distracted, more of a scientist than a warrior.
Theme Song:

Personality: Lucas Boltin is in many ways your typical scientist. His is curious and open to new ideas and gets excited by new discoveries. He has the temperament of an older man having led a full life alongside his maker and outlived him. He has a genuine desire to enhance the lives of reploids through science, and the passion and intelligence to do it. He is scholarly, an educator and a thinker. One of those scientists that spends more time thinking about whether something can be done than whether a thing should be done. His mistakes in the past have made him somewhat reclusive out of concern that others may be injured. Very good looking, fair, even a bit effeminate in a pretty sort of way, and popular with ladies who aren't looking for a more rugged man, though he isn't terribly close to anyone. He is very hard on himself, and pushes himself mentally and physically.

Back Story: Lucas Boltin started out as a childhood science project built by Jonathan Boltin. As Jonathan grew older he continued to upgrade Lucas, who he came to think of as a brother, as well as his constant companion. The two were inseparable. One day the two of them were playing outside when a storm kicked up. As the thunder began Lucas recognized the danger that his metal body posed to his maker, he instructed Jonathan to lay flat on the ground and moved away from the boy. Sure enough, lightning struck Lucas- but instead of killing him outright he was merely knocked unconscious, and was fine after Jonathan replaced a couple of burnt circuits. To both of their surprise Lucas' body had broken down the lightning and compartmentalized the voltage so that only a nonlethal amount would be absorbed. The remainder of the charge still lingered in his systems. Jonathan would later grow up to become a professor at a prominent university, teaching classes on robotics and specializing in electrical engineering. Lucas worked with him as a teaching assistant, a lab partner and his most faithful friend. When Professor Boltin died he left most of his belongings to his widow and their children, but left his lab and all of his work to Lucas who continued their research. While in the lab one night a storm began to brew outside. Hail battered the lab, the power was knocked out, and a bolt of lightning ripped through the building to strike Lucas a second time. The lab was badly damaged, but miraculously Lucas escaped with only minor burns. After being struck by lightning twice and surviving people started calling him Lucky Boltin, but Lucas guessed there was more to it than luck. After all, the odds of being struck by lightning twice, even for a reploid, were not high. And he's been indoors the second time, surrounded by metal equipment. Was it possible that the residual charge in his systems had actually attracted the second lightning bolt? To test his hypothesis Lucas embarked on a journey, climbing to the top of a tall mountain in Asia and waited for four days for a storm to come. When the clouds finally formed the storm began in earnest, and Lucas was struck by half a dozen lightning bolts in rapid succession. Miraculously he emerged unharmed, suffering not even a burn. The residual charge combined with repeated exposure to lightning had caused Lucas to build up some sort of immunity to electricity. As far as he knew it was something no other reploid had experienced, and as a scientist he was driven to document and study the phenomenon. He began to experiment on himself, amplifying his power and eventually developing combat abilities, despite being a civilian reploid all of his life. He became convinced that he had stumbled onto the key that would lead to the next stage in reploid evolution and was determined to see just how far he could push himself.

Around this time he was approached by Repliforce who had studied his publications and were curious about replicating the conditions that had changed Lucas. They offered to provide funding for his research if he would work to enhance other reploids the way he had been enhanced, and since this was one of Lucas' goals as well he gladly joined up. The initial tests did not go well, several of the volunteers did not survive being struck by lightning and those that did were critically injured, and exhibited no signs of residual electricity in their systems. Repliforce ordered another series of tests, this time Lucas would shock volunteers himself using varying degrees of voltage intensity but these tests, though more controlled, produced no measurable results. But at least there were no casualties the second time around. Frustrated, Lucas and Repliforce decided to put the testing on an indefinite hold, but Lucas would continue working for them in the meantime. It was a good match, with Lucas interested in studying reploid evolution and Repliforce seeming to represent the most top of the line group of reploids out there, pioneering in a multitude of new fields of study and providing funding and advanced technology. There was even talk that they'd be phasing out the Maverick Hunters and taking over their peacekeeping duties. All of this meant that Repliforce was a rising star, would attract the best and the brightest, and it would give Lucas not only a window to observe reploid evolution but give him active participation in making it happen.

Gained Hunter/Maverick Moves:


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RE: Lucas Boltin
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