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Gat Lin
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Gat Lin
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Name: Gat Lin
Nickname: Gat
Gender: Male
Age: Appears 25 but is only about 2.
DOB: November 4th 21XX

Head: Wears a fairly plain gunmetal grey helmet with two raised ridges that start at the crown of the forehead and extend around back of the helmet. Has very short "ear" sections which are black. Has a black coloured jewel in the centre of the raised ridge section.

Torso: Has a dark grey body with two raised ridges that start from the waist and extend up over his shoulders and down his back. Has a black jewel on either side of his chest, between the ridges, about halfway up his chest. Just below where the solar plexus would be he has a small vent pointed downward.
On his back he has a small backpack with two tubes. One that extends to his right shoulder, the other goes into his main weapon.

Legs: Gat has legs that are somewhat wider than his body should seem to have. They're darker grey than his torso and have rings of raised ridges every few inches that start at the bottom of his leg and run around the outside. Has several small vents on the outside of his legs (between the middle-most rings) and the back of his legs too.

Arms: Gats arms are a darker grey than his body, and like his arms are ringed with ridges. At his elbow has a small black vent. His hands are light grey with black trim around his wrists. His hands themselves have dark grey contacts to connect with his gun.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 190lbs
Hair: Short black hair that is hidden under his helmet.
Eye Color: Black
Skin Color: tanned.
Other Features: Has a small slash along the front of his right shoulder.
Occupation: Former factory worker.
Residence: Lives on base.

Personal Facts
Rivals: Unknown.
Hobbies/Talents: Is a skilled welder and likes to make metal sculptures out of scrap.


Agility: 1
Speed: 1
Strength: 5
Dexterity: 3
Defense: 5
Skill Limit: 4
Skill Level: 2
Constitution: 4


Vulcan Spread - Gat fires a short spurt of shots, they do low damage per shot but have a flame element and require no windup of his gun. (He can also fire these from his hands too).

Fire Cracker - Gat unleashes all the build up heat from his main gun/body in one powerful blast that explodes off him in a shortranged wave.

Fire Claw - Gat channels the heat into his hands that allow him to cut through enemies armour easier.

Overcharge - Gat pours energy into his gun to increase it's damage temporarily (though it generates more heat).

Main Weapon: A two handed external buster with a long rotating end that has 3 smaller barrels in it. Has fins on the side to help manage heat (doesn't help that much) and contacts on the grips to transfer heat/energy to and from the gun.

Secondary weapon: standard arm mounted buster cannon.

Weakness: (Everything has a weakness, nothing is perfect)
Theme Song: (These are just fun)

Back Story:
Designed originally as a heavy weapons specialist for the Maverick Hunters but upon completion he refused his calling and instead went to work in a factory making reploids. Though when the factory was attacked by mavericks he attempted to defend the factory using a rapid bolt gun designed for mechaniloid construction. He repelled a few of the mavericks and destroyed at least one before they caught up with him. They were in the process of tearing Gat appart with their bare hands when a team of Maverick Hunters arrived and saved the day. The hunters managed to defeat the mavericks and save Gat. He made a mostly full recovery (save for a small scar on his right shoulder that didn't affect structural integrity but he kept as a reminder). They congratulated him on risking his life and helping others. Again they offered him a position but he refused. Despite being grateful they saved him, he still held it against them that they took so long to arrive.

Though in the attack he realised that maybe the Hunters were right. That he was wrong to reject his original purpose. But he refused to join the Hunters. Though a new team... Repliforce had gained traction and so Gat decided to join them.

After joining he noted how comfortable he was with the rapid bolt gun so he decided to get customized for a mini-gun styled system. A weapon which was in line with his original purpose... But of his own choosing. Because of his new chosen weapon he also discarded his old name and took on the new name... Gat Lin.

Reason for joining Repliforce: To help protect others, to be better than the Hunters.

Gained Hunter/Maverick Moves

08-31-2016 07:29 PM
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