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Dash Cheetah
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Dash Cheetah
Name: Dash Cheetah/ Dashe
Nickname: Spots
Gender: Female
DOB: February, 24th 2XXX

Head: A Yellowish Helmet with black spots that is actually removable that looks and is modeled after a cheetah mechanized, has a built in visor that displays terrain data ,speed she is going at in KMs and distance towards intended targets on the field.
Body: Lightweight yellow body armor with a cream colored inner body. Designed to handle some force. Houses one of her weapons a detachable steel colored tail that can acts as a whip. Even functions like an actual tail when in place.
Legs: Very Feline like feet, also yellow in color and spots through out the outer recesses of the legs. Streamlined for the speeds she can run and good traction to stop in mid run. Here her Repliforce logo is on her upper outer thigh which can be seen at side view.
Arms: Yellow in color ,spots throughout the arms. Hands looks like claws ,but are human like for other functions.

Height: 5.7 ft tall
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: Chestnut Short bob cut hairstyle (without the helmet on)
Eye Color: Green with a black slit in the center to giver her feline like eyes
Skin Color: Tan
Other Features: A red handkerchief worn around her neck.
Occupation: Scout, Courier

Personal Facts
Friends: Jet Stingray
Rivals: Slash Beast

Agility: 3
Speed: 6
Strength: 3
Dexterity: 3
Defense: 2
Skill Limit: 4
Skill Level: 2
Constitution: 2


X Rush Claw: A high speed 3 hit combo with her claws, ending with rising slash upward on the 3rd and final strike. Don’t blink otherwise you will miss it.
Drill Claw: By rotating her body using her speed she becomes a live projectile capable of drilling through her enemies straight ahead of her. Despite the name this does not mean she can drill underground or anything too dense.
Flash Kick: Executed with a moonsault backward from standing or while running. Fires a short range energy wave that only goes as far as the actual moonsault upwards, but if she happens to be running while performing the flash kick she fires the projectile further and in a wider arc.
Yellow Cyclone: When running in a circle she can send her enemies flying upward, is also capable of sucking up airborne enemies. The smaller the circle the more focused the damage is, but the bigger it is the more it can actually suck up. This does not work on heavier or stationary targets that are bolted down.

Main Weapon: Her Claws - When in combat her hands are her main weapons. They might not look big at first ,but they can enlarge and with her speed these things are great for shredding through anything that gets in her way.
Secondary Weapon: Whip Tail - A whip with a built in super heat coil capable of slashing through metal like a blade. Is capable of extending and retracting of about 20 feet and is actually a part she can control willfully as it is her tail when attached, when not it acts like a standard weapon.

Vehicles: N/A
Weakness: Can easily be tripped up while running and has poor traction on ice was not built for underwater movement in mind as a terrain type. (Because Mutos Reploid based on a land animal can totally run underwater, can swim though that’s something right?)
Theme Song:

Personality: Cocky towards her enemies, good natured and very laid back around allies.

Back Story:

A Mutos Reploid, a standard Reploid with unique abilities? No one knows for sure ,but it sounds like her creator said screw it and combined both aspects to make his creation. And no one understands that more than Dashe or Dash Cheetah if you wanna get technical with what she is supposed to be based off of. Originally developed to be a part of the Reploid racing circuit in Europe known as the Robo Europe Cup built by one French developer conglomerate known as Light Speed Tech you can guess what she was designed originally for in mind ,but due to increased demand for Reploids with combat abilities from numerous world organizations the French company decided to build her more for combat purposes which eventually landed them a cooperation effort with the Repliforce organization.

And as such her life was brought in by the Repliforce which she thanks them for even if brought her into the combat theater it was much more ideal than being some sort entertainment side show freak for human entertainment. She is designed to be a Mutos Reploid often than not they are built for combat in mind, but she is familiar with the general stigma against those of her type due to past events with maverick rebellions and that like even though she can also appear more like a standard Reploid due to her human like features ,but because of her appearance she does look like a beast and fights like one to.

Due to her systems being designed by Light Speed Tech their specialty is working with high speed systems hers being designed after the Sonic Formula Engine, which on Reploids like her has given her quick reaction and reflex times and has blessed her with speeds that make going mach speed mere child's play. Since she is designed for speed in mind her general purpose often than not is field scouting and at times being a courier for the Repliforce, but often than not both of her jobs have proven her combat capabilities most excellently as she is in her right a capable combatant.

Dashe is often compared to the likes of Slash Beast another similar Mutos Reploid based on a feline type of animal his being a lion and as such the two have had a rivalry since her inception into the Repliforce and have sparred on multiple occasions and as such their bouts are very fierce in nature ,but their is a mutual respect among the two. She is also friends with Jet Stingray as he also capable of going similar speeds to her and as such the two get along just fine because you can say their quite fast friends. No pun intended of course ,but its nice to be able to run with someone who can keep up with you and doesn't need a vehicle to move at that speed.

Gained Hunter/Maverick Moves:


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