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A solution to end gang violence
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A solution to end gang violence
In the last few years it the amount of violence, if the news is to be believed (they're not though) has gone up drastically. It seems like there are more shootings, stabbings, attacks and general violence than ever before.

Some have called for the reduction of things like guns or knives to counter it. But I don't think for a second that that's not going to work. Criminals, or those looking to cause harm, will always find a way. We cannot go down a path of banning things that could possibly be used in a negative way. Otherwise we'd be left with nothing.
We've seen in countries like the UK where they have banned handguns and knives that it simply hasn't worked.
In Canada where Handguns are tightly regulated it hasn't stopped criminals from acquiring guns. In a recent case criminals were caught making their own firearms with suppressors (which are illegal in Canada).

So then if taking away the tools won't work... what do we do?

The better option is to figure out why people are turning to crime and gangs in particular in the first place and stop that. In many cases the reason is due to lack of opportunity for work/play in the area, poor education system, hopelessness, boredom and/or poor upbringing.

People don't join gangs if they have good jobs. If they have jobs that they can make a decent living, possibly advance in and/or enjoy then they're not going to risk it for a gang life where they could (and quite frequently do) get hurt.

Similarly kids with nothing to do after school, no supervision, no role models and poor grades are prime targets for gang members. Though one of the biggest issues is single mother households. Kids, especially younger boys need a father figure around.

The easy answer here then seems to be more after school programs. This gives kids, and especially teens, options about what to do. They have someplace they can go after school to have fun or engage with others in a good way. These programs also create more jobs for people too because we need people to run these programs.

But even further than that we need places to run these programs. Community centres and the like often need renovations and improvements in order to adequately house programs... Which means more work for people to improve these places.

Beyond that there needs to be more of a focus on keeping/stopping youth from joining gangs in the first place. These programs are kind of slow to take root, but they work in conjunction with the other afterschool programs.

The final element is the criminal justice system. Firstly that hardened/repeat criminals don't get let go. They do their full time in jail (not a 1/3rd of a plea bargained down sentence) away from society and can't easily corrupt more people. Though for those looking to turn their lives around and become better people then there definitely needs to be help.
The courts also need a speed boost so that due process happens in an actual fair time frame. (A plus which means more judges get hired to handle the work load. Plus all the extra positions needed along with that.)
And of course there needs to be more police out/available to catch criminals who are acting.

Altogether these methods will improve society... However none of it will be visible right away. It'll take time and effort to implement and then even more time before the effects become visible. But it truly is the only way to really fix the gang violence issue.
02-13-2019 05:12 PM
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