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Roughly a week ago an issue occurred which has stirred up the internet again.

It began when a Vox contributor named Carlos Maza had a story saying that conservatives control the media narrative.

Enter Steven Crowder. (Crowder is a conservative who likes to make jokes while pointing out flaws.) Crowder responds to the article with a video where he takes the main points and argues against them.

Maza sees the response and more or less has a fit. He takes to twitter and starts complaining that people are mean to him, are making fun of him because he's gay and Mexican.
Youtube enters the picture and demonetized Crowder without even investigating. But it didn't stop there... slightly conservative leaning or even channels that don't actually hate on conservatives are getting demonetized too. (More on this by TheQuartering.)

Another video on this:

06-05-2019 08:14 PM
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