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Want To Affiliate With Us?
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Want To Affiliate With Us?
If you want to affiliate with us then post a new topic in this section. The new topic should include [AFF] in the title (so we know it's an affiliate request), your mini-banner and your link.

However, before posting an affiliate request here make sure our button is somewhere visible on your forum. Once our mini-banner is up on your site, and the affiliate request is posted here, please check back in 48 hours to see if we've accepted and put your banner up.

Please note that we will place your banner in an approximate place to where our's is placed.
If we're placed on index/all pages then that's where you get placed.

But if you place our button on a separate page, off the index, (like a separate affiliates page) then your banner will be placed on our Other Affiliates page.

Other things to know

1- There's no membership needed to apply for affiliation.

2- There's also no crazy "I post an ad on your site and you post one on ours" type stuff here. Though a word about advertising...
We do not allow advertising here. (So don't use this section to post an ad for your site.)

3- We don't care what sort of forum host/software you use. (Whether you use Proboards, InvisionFree, Simple Machine Forums, Zetaboards, Jcink, vBulletin or whomever.) We accept them all. However, we are only looking to affiliate with forums.

4- We don't care what genre of site you are. (Whether you're a gaming forum or general chat forum or resource site or roleplaying forum or etc...)

5- We do reserve the right to remove inactive sites after a month of inactivity. (Inactivity will be judged at our discretion.) And we will not likely contact sites we're about to remove about this.

6- We, currently, do not accept scrolling affiliates mini-banner exchanges. (Static for static only.)

7- We reserve the right to remove affiliates immediately upon discovery if we see that:
- our banner has been removed.
- your site has gone into maintenance/offline/staff only mode (with no notice).
- your site has gone into maintenance mode (with a notice to return but without a set date).
- your site has gone into maintenance mode (with a notice to return and with a set date that has since passed).
- your site has closed.

If there was a mistake, and we removed you in error, please let us know and we will fix it.

Our mini-banners

[Image: Minibanner5.gif]
<a href=''><img src='' alt='Endless Fight' border='0' height='31' width='88'/></a>
03-01-2010 11:40 PM
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