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[Story] Resident Evil - The Fall Of Raccoon City
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Resident Evil - The Fall Of Raccoon City
Resident Evil - The Fall of Raccoon City

One Month Ago... (July 24th 1998)

The sounds of explosions rocked Raccoon City as a helicopter shot off. The helicopter landed at Raccoon General Hospital. The occupants received thorough check outs and were given clean bills of health. With that they each took off on their own goal.

Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine reported back to Raccoon City Police and issued reports of what had gone on. The police chief ordered an immediate Biohazard team to sweep the area. Chris warned against it, stating it would be too dangerous. But he was ultimately ignored. So the investigation into the mansion (and ultimately underground laboratory complex). Chris and Jill left Raccoon City.

Two weeks later... (August 7th 1998)

Strange occurrences have been popping up around Raccoon City. Animal attack frequency increased, more people in a few days than in weeks before suffered dog bites. And since then it only got weirder. People soon began to attack each other. Early reports were that it was just a few isolated incidents of people that got hopped up on a new drug (bath salts was the one named in reports) and attacked others. But things weren't that simple. Those who were attacked also got infected. Soon panic started to spread as this infection began to increase.

A few people left at the first sign of problems. But many stayed... And many paid for their decision with their lives.
There were still many people and families left in Raccoon City though, those that haven't yet become the dead. But their number were dwindling as people made their escape attempts and others tried to fight against the zombie hoards. Many of the remainder took up refuge in the school near the police station while waiting for help to arrive.

Today... (September 4th 1998 - 6 weeks after the investigation was launched. )

Raccoon City's once teeming streets are now mostly dead still. Cars litter the streets making vehicle travel impossible and a few burning ones send smoke high into the sky. The pungent scent of death, smoke and decay are everywhere now. The few remaining people avoid the streets whenever they can because now more dead than living walk the streets. And these dead hunger for flesh.

Now in the survival camps, things have turned critical with supplies extremely limited, the dead outnumbering the living and ammo supplies scarcer than ever. Escape or death are the only options now.
10-07-2012 10:55 PM
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