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Resource Use Policy
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Resource Use Policy
To help ensure it's clear what is meant, here are the definitions of terms used for this.

Features - Refers to functions like our wiki or chatbox that are registered and configured for use.

Guest - An unregistered person accessing Endless Fight. (Their access and use is limited and restricted according to the part of the network they are accessing.)

Member - A registered person, who's account is in good standing, accessing Endless Fight. They have access/use of Endless Fight's features.

Banned Members - A registered member who has had their access to the site terminated and their use of features (partially to totally) revoked.

User - A person who accesses Endless Fight (this definition does not distinguish whether they are registered or not).


Endless Fight's features (whether currently existing or added later) are for the benefit of Endless Fight and Endless Fight's members only.

This breaks down into 2 aspects:
1- Features present are provided solely for the benefit of members.
2- Features are not for members to use for the benefit of other sites.


Aspect 1 -
Features have been registered specifically for Endless Fight (some of which are paid features) and have their own acceptable use policies and Terms of Service which we need to adhere to or else we risk losing that feature... (And many who are not members of our site would not bother with because they aren't members and they don't stand to lose anything so they don't care.)

This is why guest access to certain site features is limited and where they do have access or use of features they are fully expected to follow all rules. Our rules protect us/our site from getting torn down.

Aspect 2 -
Users of this site may not advance other sites using Endless Fight's resources because it causes a strain on our systems/resources and does not benefit us. Especially since, like mentioned above, some of our features are paid and have limited resources in one way or another. (EX- Bandwidth limitations.)
So if others sites want to have features like ours then it is up to their admin to implement them (if they so choose). But they may not leech off our resources.

Users that are found violating our resource use policy may be restricted from accessing our site or that feature in question.

Warning may or may not be given prior to decisions made or actions rendered. (Depending on the severity of situation.)
04-14-2013 11:39 PM
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