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Sovereign Citizens
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Sovereign Citizens
So as of late I've come across a bunch of these videos where these sovereign citizens basically try to get away with egregious stuff (mostly avoiding traffic laws) and almost always get backlash.

What are sovereign citizens?
They're people who basically reject the rule of law in a given area. (So far they're mostly American.) They claim to basically just govern themselves and have their own set of rules to live by. Most (that I've seen) have some familiarity with law. Though they are completely clueless on it's actual application and oft tend to be stuck on outdated, repealed or never enacted bills/acts (like the prototype for the court system, the postal court).

Truthfully the videos are often highlights in cringe (listening to their verbal diarrhea and behaviour), yet like a train wreck I can't look away and await then inevitable moment where they get their comeuppance.

They usually followed a predictable pattern...

1- Sovereign Citizen (SC) gets pulled over
2- Officer requests ID
3- SC either refuses or provides homemade ID
4- SC demands Officer provide name/badge number, states this is for the record.
5- Officer requires state issued ID.
6- SC gets offended, claims they won't co-operate further.
7- Officer requests state issued ID.
8- SC starts quoting defunct bills.
9- Officer requests state issued ID or confirms that SC has no valid ID.
10- SC makes comments about right to travel.
11- Police ask SC to exit vehicle.
12- SC exits vehicle (either willingly or by force)
13- Police arrest SC for operating a motor vehicle without license or registration, and for obstruction of justice.

Have you ever seen these sorts of videos before? Have you ever seen these type of people before? (How common are they?)
01-23-2018 06:27 PM
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