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Warranty voiding policies illegal
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Warranty voiding policies illegal
According to the FTC consumer products cannot have warranties that forbid users from getting third party repairs. So this means if your Nintendo Switch's screen breaks and you take it to a local dealer to be fixed, Nintendo can't void your warranty for it.

Furthermore the FTC has issued notices to 6 companies to basically comply with the new set of laws. We don't know exactly which 6 yet... but with some guesswork/googling can probably pin down a few. (Sony and Nintendo are likely candidates.)

Interesting that they're moving ahead with this. I mean sending stuff back to the manufacturer is often expensive and time consuming. (I sent a PS3 back once... took about a month to have it repaired.) A few years later I had to have the same PS3 repaired (for the exact same issue... the blu ray diodes don't last forever) and the local repair tech had it done in a week (and that was with a 3 day delay because he had to wait for a shipment of diodes to come in).
04-16-2018 12:30 PM
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